Donald Trump, Tulsa Police Target 'Bad Dudes': Unarmed Black Man Terence Crutcher Pays The Price

Scott Hough

"My first day in office, I am going to notify law enforcement authorities that all of the bad dudes, and we have a lot of them, that are here illegally, that are the heads of gangs, and drug cartels, and all sorts of people," Donald Trump explained to CNN's Anderson Cooper in August, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. "They're out!"

"That looks like a bad dude, too. Probably on something," a voice reported to come from a Tulsa Police Department helicopter can be heard just before Terence Crutcher can be seen falling to the ground, covered in blood, as police officers appear to shoot him in the newly released footage, as reported by ABC News.

Crutcher was reported to be 40-years-old, a father, a churchgoer, and a student at Tulsa Community College.

"The big bad dude was my twin brother," Crutcher's sister Tiffany was quoted in the aftermath of the shooting. Crutcher's twin is said to be calling for Betty Shelby and other officers involved to be charged.

Both federal and local investigations are reported to be examining whether Terence Crutcher's civil rights were violated and if criminal charges against the officers involved are justified.

The Daily Mail has reported that a Terence Crutcher of Tulsa, Oklahoma, with the same date of birth, received a six-month suspended sentence in 1996 for "carrying a concealed weapon and resisting an officer." Otherwise, the publication was only able to find evidence of Crutcher receiving traffic violations, with the most recent being in 2005.

There is no evidence that Crutcher was anything, but an American citizen.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has made headlines for his divisive rhetoric calling for "bad dudes" among undocumented immigrants, those with criminal records, to be immediately deported back to their home countries if he is elected president of the United States.

Despite being pressed by Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper, Trump and his vice-presidential running mate, Mike Pence, have been unable, or unwilling, to outline the planned fate of undocumented immigrants with no criminal record in the United States if Trump is elected.

Was the language used by the presumed, unnamed Tulsa Police Department member describing Terence Crutcher as a "bad dude" inspired by Donald Trump? Do police in Tulsa view unarmed, African American members of the community as "bad dudes" on par with undocumented immigrants with criminal records, as Donald Trump appears to?

Is this Tulsa, Oklahoma outing some type of exercise for an upcoming purge of "bad dudes." Can undocumented immigrants or African-Americans perceived as "bad dudes" expect to be summarily executed should their cars stall, and they communicate with police officers while being unarmed?

Donald Trump has outlined how he will "notify" law enforcement agencies to remove "bad dudes" among undocumented immigrants with criminal records. Though no specific plans appear to have been made available by the Republican candidate, concerns have been voiced that undocumented immigrants with records for minor offenses dating back decades will be summarily removed from families and deported to countries they have not lived in for decades.

The Inquisitr has reported on the "coarse, vitriolic, even violent language" used by Donald Trump supporters with regard to visible minorities and undocumented immigrants at rallies staged by the Republican presidential nominee.

After being fatally shot, Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man, can be seen lying in a pool of blood for over one minute before he is approached and presumably provided with some type of futile first aid.

[Feature Image by Tulsa Police Department/AP Images]