‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: What Will Happen To Baby Teddy After Sabrina’s Tragic Death?

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Last week was quite an emotional ride on General Hospital for viewers who had to watch the horror of Sabrina Santiago dying at the hands of Paul Hornsby. It was certainly hard to watch, but now that it has happened, the aftermath of her death is expected to take its toll on everyone involved, especially Michael Corinthos. But what about her little boy Teddy, who is now left without his mother?

Michael was planning on getting down on one knee to propose to Sabrina and was looking forward to raising baby Teddy with her. Now that she is gone, he will be picking up the pieces of what is left of his heart and making sure that her son is happy and safe. However, according to General Hospital spoilers posted by Soap Central, he may have a fight on his hands soon with the baby’s Uncle Joe.

Dr. Joe Rivera returns to General Hospital tomorrow #GH

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Joe Rivera, who hasn’t been seen at all during this crisis, will eventually pop up when he gets wind of Sabrina’s murder by the hospital serial killer. There is expected to be a custody fight between him and Michael soon now that Sabrina is gone and it won’t be pretty. Being that Joe is a blood relative, he will want to claim custody of his nephew, but Michael and Tracy will definitely be putting up a fight to keep Teddy with them.

There are a couple of speculations that could very well happen in this story line. Fans have speculated that Joe may not be Teddy’s uncle at all. How can that be? Well, he could very well turn out to be Carlos instead. Teddy’s real daddy could be Joe in disguise. This new guy that just swept into town not too long ago has been quite interested in spending more time with the child, which leads one to believe that maybe he is really Carlos. Or maybe the real daddy isn’t Carlos at all.

Another speculation, and one that many General Hospital fans are hoping is true, is that Michael will turn out to be Teddy’s daddy after all. If there is a custody fight, there should be another DNA test to prove that Carlos is his dad and this is when he could find out that the baby is his child. If this would end up to be true, then there is the question as to why the writers chose to bring back actor Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Carlos’ brother. Will he be staying in Port Charles for a while or will this custody fight linger on for a long time?

The news of Sabrina’s tragic death is sending shock waves throughout Port Charles and has left Michael devastated. He is broken-hearted and is already lashing out at Carly. She was not too keen on Michael marrying Sabrina in the first place and this only adds to his grief. She was shocked to hear the news, but Michael is angry at her right now saying that she should be glad that Sabrina is now out of his life for good since that is what she wanted.

According to General Hospital spoilers by Soaps She Knows, mother and son will be hashing everything out by the end of the week. Will Michael forgive her or will this cause a wedge in their relationship? Carly is pretty sure that Michael just needs time to sort out his feelings, but this may indeed send Michael over the edge when it comes to Carly.

There is one person who was a comfort to Michael and that person was Nelle. She was being very kind to Michael on Monday’s episode, but no one knows just yet what this girl’s agenda is, so hopefully she is sincere when it comes to being a friend to him. In fact, the writers at General Hospital may even be eyeing these two as a future couple but first, Michael needs to deal with his grief and with little Teddy’s future.

Do you think Michael could be Teddy’s daddy and not Carlos? Stay tuned to see what develops this week on General Hospital.

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