When Will ‘Haven’ Season 5B Be Added To Netflix?

Haven Season 5B

According to TV Line, it was roughly a year ago when Syfy made the decision to cancel Haven. While fans of the series were heartbroken, the network did gift everyone with nearly two additional seasons of the show before it came to a close. Typically, seasons of Haven were 13 episodes long. However, the network broke Season 5 of Haven up into two parts and made it twice as long as any other season with 26 episodes.

While the series Haven has done come and gone for anyone who tuned in to watch Season 5B on Syfy, many fans wonder when the second half of the season will be available for Netflix users. Will the final 13 episodes of Haven be added to Netflix anytime soon? Fortunately, What’s On Netflix has done a little research and speculating on the matter.

In the past, this is the schedule Netflix has followed when adding Haven to its streaming library:

  • Season 1 of Haven was added September 13, 2013
  • Season 2 of Haven was added September 13, 2013
  • Season 3 of Haven was added September 13, 2013
  • Season 4 of Haven was added August 12, 2014
  • Season 5 of Haven was added September 8, 2015

Since the month of August has come and gone already, Haven fans and Netflix users are clinging to the hope that Haven is going to show up in the library anytime this month. If Netflix does not end up adding Season 5B of Haven to the library before the month of September ends, it may be a while before subscribers get to enjoy the finale of the series.

Considering the fact that Netflix has kept to a very consistent schedule over the last two years, it is likely that Season 5b of Haven will not show up until August or September of next year if it does not make an appearance in the next two weeks before the month of September ends.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out this Syfy series before now, here’s the scoop. Haven is a series that premiered with an hour-long pilot episode back in 2010. It was not until three years later that the series was added to Netflix.

The series is based on the book called The Colorado Kid by Stephen King. The focal point of the series is a strange little town in Maine called Haven. This is a supernatural town where supernatural things are always happening. Audrey, the main character of the series, ends up being the key to all of the supernatural happenings in this tiny little town.

If you have seen Haven before but haven’t had a chance to watch Season 5B of the series. Check out a trailer of what the final 13 episodes and the series finale will be all about.

While Haven fans never got to enjoy a Season 6 of the series (unless you are one of the fans who argue Season 5B is technically Season 6), TV Line did go on to reassure fans that the series does come to a satisfying end. What happens to Audrey, Duke, Nathan, and the other members of the cast Haven fans have come to love? You will have to watch Season 5B to find out!

Unfortunately, Netflix has not released any information to confirm whether or not Haven fans can expect Season 5B to pop up in the library before the month of September ends. This means subscribers will have no choice but to play the waiting game.

Do you think Season 5B of Haven is going to be added to Netflix before the month of September ends or do you think Netflix is going to force users to wait an entire year before getting to enjoy the exciting finale of this drama? Have you already seen the finale of the series or are you waiting for it to be added to Netflix?

[Featured Image by Syfy]