Who Are Corey’s Angels? Corey Feldman And His Lost Girls Get Support From Pink, Sean Astin And More

COrey Feldman ad Corey's Angels are facing backlash after Today Show performance

Corey Feldman made headlines for his unusual musical performance on the Today Show last week, and now people want to know more about his backup performers known as Corey’s Angels. Feldman and a troupe of scantily clad women wearing halos and angel wings performed the song “Go 4 It” on the NBC morning show, and the former child star even incorporated some Michael Jackson dance moves into the live performance.

Corey Feldman was promoting his new concept album, Angelic 2 the Core, a long-in-the-works manifesto dedicated to his late BBFs Michael Jackson and Corey Haim. While Feldman’s look was compared to Jackson’s, his quartet of women looked more like the angels from Victoria’s Secret.

According to Page Six, Corey Feldman said Corey’s Angels organization is for “lost girls” on a mission to better themselves.

“Angels probably saved me once or twice in my life, and I like helping them as well,” Feldman said. “That’s why I created Corey’s Angels as a way to help girls who were like lost and needed to find their way to get their opportunities, their dreams and make them realities.”

Corey Feldman has one top “maingel”—as of this writing her name is Courtney Anne—and the group must sign a contract promising to obey the house rules in the “Feldmansion.” Some of the rules Corey’s Angels must follow include adhering to a strict vegetarian diet, mandatory exercise, and allowing no male visitors on the property unless they are previously invited guests. Page Six added that other rules for the Angels include willingness to “be open to change and to learn” and the understanding that “nudity is beauty.”

Unfortunately for Corey and his Angels, the Today Show gig backfired in a big way. Viewer backlash was fierce and the five-minute gig was mocked incessantly on social media. People revealed that Feldman said he has been unable to out of bed since the ill-fated performance went viral late last week. In a since-deleted Facebook Live post, Feldman and Courtney Anne said the aftermath of the performance has been “really painful” and that Corey has never had ” such mean things” said about him.

Feldman broke down in tears as he addressed his fans, saying that he and his Angels “tried really hard,” to give fans the best show they could.

“These things that are said about us are awful,” Feldman said.

“It was a song, okay? It wasn’t that weird. I’m sorry if it’s not good enough for you, but you don’t have to beat us up. I just want to say that, like, why is it okay to, like, publicly shame us? … We deserve love and we deserve, like, normal life … It’s not okay, it’s not acceptable to call us freaks, weirdoes, losers, whatever.”

Corey even revealed that he was afraid to leave his home for fear of backlash over his performance.

“We can’t get out of bed right now. We’re petrified to even go out … And I’m sorry, but we just wanted the world to know, like, we’re really freaked out over this and it’s really not fair.”

While Corey and his Angels faced serious criticism for their Today Show stunt, some longtime friends had the Lost Boys star’s back. Feldman’s Stand By Me co-stars Jerry O’Connell and his Goonies co-star Sean Astin showed their support on Twitter. In addition, pop superstar Pink gave Corey a social media shout-out and told him he was brave for putting himself out there.

Corey Feldman made his TV debut with his Angels last year on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap. In the episode, Feldman explained that he launched Corey’s Angels as a way to help young women break into the entertainment industry. Corey also stated that the women move into his house and abide by his rules, which include a dress code of “mostly lingerie.” Corey’s “maingel” can only eat fruit.

During his appearance on the ABC reality show, Corey announced that his Angels don’t need school because “right now they’re in a college, and the college is called Corey’s Angels.” Feldman also told one girl: “If you cut out meat, it’s going to give you the body you never even thought possible after having kids.”

Viewers couldn’t help but compare Feldman’s harem to fellow former child star Charlie Sheen’s live-in “goddesses” from a few years back.

In an interview with Movie Web, Feldman said his company was designed to help “beautiful women who are artistically unable to have real potential for a real future, to hone in on their craft, and to hone in on their art, and become the best version of themselves they can be.” Feldman also said he and his posse were grossly misrepresented on Celebrity Wife Swap due to an unflattering edit and producer interference. And even before the Today Show disaster, he had to deal with bad press.

“Now, you don’t see ‘Corey Feldman and the Angels went and created a day for charity where they organized people all over the world to do positive things for their communities.’ I didn’t see one piece of press on that,” Corey said.

“I didn’t see any press on the fact that me and the angels volunteered at the children’s hospital. I didn’t see any press on the fact that we spent four or five days during the Christmas holidays visiting the children’s hospitals, working with individual kids, and all the sick kids. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but we are a company that prides ourself on doing positive things for people. And to me, that is much more newsworthy than what did I wear that day, or was I looking like Michael Jackson.”

Take a look at the video below to see Corey Feldman’s “Go 4 It” performance.

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