WWE Rumors: Possible Spoilers, Two Superstars Returning To ‘WWE Raw’?

Some new WWE rumors have popped up ahead of the Raw program scheduled for Monday night. It appears that two superstars could make their returns to the roster. Neither has been featured on the show since after the WWE Draft in July, but it could make for an exciting episode of the show if the rumors prove to be true. The latest show will be the final build-up for the upcoming pay-per-view, but it seems there may be some interesting surprises coming as well.

Raw has been in a difficult position now that Monday Night Football is here for the next several months. The WWE’s show has experienced a ratings hit due to that, as well as some fans considering the storylines and feuds boring as compared to the company’s other TV show. However, there are some potential spoilers here about what may lie ahead in the latest episode before Clash of Champions 2016.

The WWE rumors from the No DQ website indicate that two returning superstars were seen backstage for the latest episode of the show in Memphis, Tennessee. Those two stars are former Divas Champion Paige and former Intercontinental Champion Luke Harper. Both have been dealing with recent injuries, but in particular, Paige was also suspended by the company for 30 days to a violation of the Wellness Policy.

While Raw spans a three-hour time slot, the Tuesday night show is just two hours long. Many fans have been raving about the Smackdown feuds and title picture lately in addition to the matches shown. So having some more stars back in place seems to be good news for the Raw show as WWE looks to create new feuds and more exciting matches.

WWE women's wrestler Paige heads to the ring.
Will WWE women's wrestler Paige be back on Raw soon? [Image via WWE]

It’s also good news for fans of Paige. The WWE women’s wrestler, who calls herself the “Anti-Diva,” was nearly fired by the company, according to ProWrestling website. That firing almost came as a result of her first WWE Wellness Policy violation since starting with the company. Paige had been suspended by WWE for 30 days back in August with the suspension just ending a few days ago.

The violation was reportedly due to what Paige called a “procedural issue.” Basically, she said it wasn’t for a failed test, but instead for failing to be home at the right time when the testing was to take place. WWE was ready to fire her before the suspension was handed out. It’s been reported Paige even hired legal representation for herself over the matter, but now she and WWE have apparently mended their issues. There were rumors indicating she would leave the company with her real life boyfriend Jose Roberto Rodriguez aka Alberto Del Rio after he quit WWE.

WWE star Luke Harper returning to Raw
Is WWE star Luke Harper set to return to WWE Raw? [Image via WWE]

As for Harper, real name Jon Huber, he has been out of action since late March. He suffered a knee injury while working a Raw dark match. It ended up being a dislocated patella and a torn medial patellofemoral ligament. Unfortunately for him, that injury kept him out of the ring and off television for several months. He was not even mentioned during the WWE Draft in July, but three other members of the Wyatt Family faction were. Erick Rowan and Bray Wyatt ended up being drafted to SmackDown Live, while Braun Strowman went to Raw.

If these WWE rumors prove correct, it should be interesting to see in what capacity these two stars are used within the current landscape of Raw. The WWE has their Raw-branded Clash of Champions pay-per-view on the way for Sunday. At this point, it doesn’t seem like either Paige or Harper would be placed on the card. However, they could become key figures on the Raw roster going forward. One also has to wonder if they will return in face or heel roles. Harper has yet to be cast as a fan favorite, while Paige has been the face and heel several times in her career.

WWE fans, do you think Paige and Luke Harper will be good additions to the WWE Raw roster, or would either of them be better off going to Smackdown Live?

[Featured image by WWE]