Kim Kardashian Gets Political, Posts Full-Page Ad Criticizing Those Who Deny The Armenian Genocide

Kim Kardashian Armenian genocide

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to making headlines. The famous-for-being-famous socialite is used to having everyone talking about her nude selfies, her diva antics, and her superstar family. In fact, she arguably encourages all the publicity by posting endless photos on her social media accounts and by baring all on her famous TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians.

But this time, Kim Kardashian is making news for an entirely different reason. The Vine reports that the eldest daughter of Chris Jenner and the late Robert Kardashian was so affronted by a recent full-page advertisement featured in the Wall Street Journal earlier in 2016 that she decided to make her political views known with a full-page advertisement of her own.

In April this year, the Wall Street Journal devoted an entire page to downplaying the Armenian genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Empire in 1915, during which the former Turkish government sought to exterminate the Armenian population within the Ottoman Empire, killing 1.5 million Armenians in the process. The world-famous publication allegedly sought to downplay Turkey’s involvement in the events, urging Americans to “stop the allegations.”

Kim Kardashian and her family have been outspoken about the denial of the Armenian genocide numerous times in the past, particularly because they are of Armenian descent themselves.

In response, Kim Kardashian took out a full-page advertisement in the New York Times to refute the claims that were made by the Wall Street Journal earlier this year. Noting that she and her family are “no strangers to BS in the press,” she accused the Wall Street Journal of publishing lies in order to sell magazines.

“Lies make good headlines, good headlines make great covers, great covers sell magazines.”

For many people, it comes as a pleasant surprise to see Kim Kardashian devote some time, attention, and her considerable star power and influence to a topic other than herself. In fact, Kim Kardashian made headlines just a few days ago when she posted yet another nude selfie, while at the same time admitting to taking 6,000 selfies during a short four-day holiday that she spent in the company of her toddler daughter and infant son.

It is indeed refreshing to know that there is another side to Kim Kardashian that isn’t as shallow and self-involved as the majority of her media appearances would suggest.

In slightly less altruistic news about Kim Kardashian, People magazine has posted a rather strange report suggesting that Kim Kardashian’s spray tanner spilled the beans on the secret behind the famous socialite’s chiseled abs. And as it turns out, her super strong ab muscles may be the result of something else than a strict diet and a grueling exercise regime.

People magazine reports that Fabiola Trujillo, the spray tanner who is based in Miami, revealed in the accompanying post that she had painted Kim Kardashian’s abs during the spray tan for that now-infamous nude selfie.

“… have to admit spray tan looks pretty awesome on her and even painted her abs while spraying her!!”

But, Cosmopolitan reports that the spray tanner’s Facebook post was quickly removed, and there is now no sign of it anywhere. Perhaps Kim Kardashian didn’t like the secret to her spectacular ads being revealed by her spray tanner, or perhaps the post was never true in the first place. Fans will probably never know!

[Featured Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]