‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael Struggles Over Sabrina’s Death, Julian’s Case Goes To The Jury, And Claudette’s Shenanigans Continue

General Hospital spoilers for Monday’s episode tease that the news of Sabrina’s death leaves many throughout Port Charles heartbroken, and things will get complicated at Julian’s trial. Claudette is still in town shaking things up, and Nelle is making her presence known as well. What else is on the way during the September 19 show?

Paul killed Sabrina when she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and both Michael and Felix, in particular, are drowning in grief. General Hospital spoilers detail that Michael will be struggling a great deal, and it seems that he will be quite irate with his mother as this all plays out. She was not happy to hear of his plans to propose to Sabrina, so it seems likely that any support she tries to offer will feel hurtful rather than helpful to him.


According to We Love Soaps, Carly will have some shocking news to reveal to someone, but it is unclear whether this is related to Sabrina’s death, the shenanigans going down in Julian’s case, or something connected to Nelle, although it seems the heartbreaking death of her son’s almost-fiancée is surely the answer to this teaser. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nelle will be lending her support to a friend, and it seems likely that this refers to Michael as the two have developed something of a connection.

Alexis was a disaster on the stand during her husband’s trial, thanks to what appeared to be Paul drugging her, and General Hospital spoilers note that Sonny will insist that he needs to be put on the stand. Sonny will testify, but it sounds as if it may not do much good. The case will go to the jury and teasers hint that Scotty will be feeling somewhat optimistic while Alexis is worried and shaken.


Sam will confront her father, and General Hospital spoilers hint that she will even slap Julian as she tears into him for all he has done. Will Paul’s plan to throw the trial in order to keep Ava from revealing that he is the “Angel of Mercy” serial killer work?

There will be some action with Maxie and Claudette during Monday’s show as well. Soap Central details that Maxie will be more determined than ever to figure out what Claudette has been hiding, and Griffin will talk with Claudette and push her to step up and do the right thing. However, as the week plays out, it seems that she will be keeping everybody hopping and she isn’t about to back down.

As the week continues, the verdict in Julian’s case will be read and the buzz is that he will regain his freedom. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Paul will be having a talk with Dillon where he shares something honest and potentially significant, and fans wonder if this conversation may lay the groundwork for the mysterious motive behind the “Angel of Mercy” killings to finally be revealed.

Morgan’s behavior will become increasingly concerning and he will meet with Andre soon. Fans have a hunch, however, that things could get much worse for Morgan soon. Franco will be determined to keep Elizabeth safe, and it seems that he might find himself having to get along with Jason to an extent on this front.

Michael is said to want to fight for custody of Teddy in the wake of Sabrina’s death, but General Hospital spoilers detail that Joe will be ready to battle Michael for the boy. Viewers will see plenty of Hayden, Naomi, and Finn this week, and there is action involving Ava on the way as well.

Will the jury find Julian not guilty, and if so, what does this mean for Alexis? Why is Paul killing people and how will he finally be caught? Will Claudette manage to ruin Maxie and Nathan’s wedding? General Hospital spoilers tease that there is plenty of action on the way and fans cannot wait to see where the drama heads next.

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