Miley Cyrus Backlash: ‘The Voice’ Fears Ratings Plummet Amid Protest Over Raunchy Singer?

If Miley Cyrus really wants off of The Voice, she may very well get her wish. But it might not be due to any alleged feuds Cyrus has going on. Based on the strong negative reaction to Miley’s presence on The Voice, she could get booted over ratings fears.


In early March, the Wrap reported that Voice fans outright hated the idea of Miley Cyrus joining the show as a coach.

“The controversial former Disney Channel star, now best known for her outrageous behavior, has drawn the fire of fans of show on Twitter, with some even saying they plan to stop watching because of her casting.

‘Miley Cyrus will be a coach on The Voice because literally no one else was available,’ joked one user.

‘[Never] thought the day would come when I decide not to watch a season of #TheVoice but Miley, @NBC??!! #beyond #disappointed,’ wrote another.”

And it didn’t stop there. People recently wrote about how Miley and fellow new judge Alicia Keys were changing the dynamics of The Voice. And one look at the comment section suggests that show fans are still wary of the “Wrecking Ball” singer.

Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images
[Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

It’s understandable why The Voice would seek to make such a drastic change to its judge lineup. The Voice is entering Season 11, and it has yet to produce a star. In fact, the show is pretty much all about the Voice judges and guests with contestants left to fade into obscurity — even if they win.

This turn of events is a far cry from the success of the now defunct American Idol, which produced several successful talents in its early seasons. Despite The Voice’s insistence on its genuine nature, the inability to produce music stars could ultimately see show fans grow bored and move on. Adding new judges with new perspectives is likely a wish to “reset” the show.

While Alicia Keys might be a hit thanks to her musical career and “no makeup” statement, Miley Cyrus could prove dangerous to the show this season.


No doubt, Miley Cyrus was asked to coach due to her pop culture relevance and perceived connection to younger fans. The problem is that Cyrus is openly loathed by the Voice’s older, more conservative fan base. If the ratings take a hit, it will be because those fans passed on watching the show this season.

Why is that a problem? Well, according to research shared by Marketing Charts, younger Americans aren’t watching much TV. In fact, adults from age 18-49 are trending away from watching television live, with many watching less than 10 hours of TV per week! Meanwhile, Americans age 50 and up are much more likely to watch TV in real time.

Even if The Voice is chasing after the coveted 18-49 age block, it may be driving away the age block most likely to keep their ratings afloat.

It’s already been speculated that The Voice “jumped the shark” last year. This season could be the one that determines if The Voice remains a hit or begins to decline. If the presence of Miley Cyrus does significant damage to the ratings, it could hurt the series at the worst possible time.

Not only is The Voice fighting staleness, but it also is fighting against a developing reputation for being a “fixed” singing show that’s a waste of time for talented singers. The addition of Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus could push the show in a better direction, but if fans aren’t receptive, we could see a decline similar to what led to the demise of American Idol.

It will probably take a couple of weeks to know for sure how Miley Cyrus will impact ratings, but if consistent social media complaints are to be believed, the impact could be drastic.

Do you think the Miley Cyrus backlash will hurt Voice ratings? Will Cyrus be back next season? Share your thoughts below!

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