Miley Cyrus Ready To Quit ‘The Voice’ Amid Feud With Adam Levine [Report]

Miley Cyrus is allegedly ready to quit The Voice amid her reported feud with fellow coach Adam Levine.

According to a new report by In Touch Weekly, things have gotten so bad between Miley and Adam on the set of the NBC singing show that Cyrus is supposedly unlikely to return to the show beyond Season 11, making her first season her last.

“Miley’s dying to get out of there,” a source told the magazine this week, claiming that Cyrus supposedly has not been seeing eye to eye with any of her co-stars, Adam, Blake Shelton, and Alicia Keys since she joined the singing series earlier this year.

“Things are so bad,” an insider continued of Cyrus’s The Voice feud with Levine. “She’s had enough.”

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According to the source, while Miley supposedly hasn’t exactly grown close to any of her fellow coaches, it’s her drama with Adam that’s really been boiling over in recent weeks, allegedly leaving her “in tears” following their recent run-ins with Levine while filming the eleventh season of the show.

“Miley feels like his favorite target,” the source said of the “We Can’t Stop” singer’s drama with Levine, suggesting that fellow new coach Alicia Keys hasn’t exactly been backing Cyrus up. “She feels like it’s a boys’ club and that she’s all alone.”

Miley and Adam are yet to officially comment on reports claiming that they’ve been locked in a nasty feud on The Voice set and Cyrus has not confirmed that her first season on the show could be her last, though Radar Online reported earlier this year that those behind-the-scenes were actually beginning to regret asking her to join the show.

“Executives are now second-guessing their decision to bring Miley on full time,” an insider told Radar Online of Cyrus’s new gig earlier this year, “because she cannot get along with Adam to save her life.”

But while Miley has so far stayed tight-lipped as the feud rumors swirl, this certainly isn’t the first time the star has been accused on drama and feuding on The Voice set with Levine.

Radar Online claimed just last month that Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine were “at each other’s throats” while filming the popular singing series and claimed that Adam, who, alongside Blake, has been with the show since it first began in 2011, “acts like he cannot stand her.”

“[Adam] does not talk to her when the cameras are not rolling,” an insider claimed of Levine’s feud with the singer, “and seems like he really wants nothing to do with her.”

The site also appeared to confirm reports claiming that Alicia hasn’t taken Cyrus’s side amid her drama with Levine, alleging at the time that Alicia “has taken Adam’s side” in their supposed feud while suggesting that the two “have kind of made a pact to help each other out and side with each other to make sure that Team Miley does not win The Voice this season.”


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Us Weekly also alleged that there was a serious feud brewing between Adam and Miley during filming for Season 11 of The Voice, which is set to premiere on NBC on September 19.

The site recently reported that Cyrus and Levine are “too similar” to get along while sitting in the famous The Voice red chairs and have been seriously butting heads as a result.

“They both have short attention spans,” a source close to production revealed of Miley and Adam’s feud. “They find each other annoying. Adam would get agitated when Miley would interrupt him, and she enjoyed getting under his skin.”

What do you think of reports claiming that Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus are locked in a nasty feud on The Voice set?

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