Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane Hansen Accused Of Being ‘Homophobic’ Over ‘So Gay’ Comments

Fifth Harmony's Dinah Jane Accused Of Being 'Homophobic' Over 'So Gay' Comments

Fifth Harmony star Dinah Jane Hansen is being accused of being “homophobic” after appearing to use the word “gay” as an insult in a video posted to Snapchat.

Perez Hilton posted the clip that was originally posted to Dinah Jane’s Snapchat to Twitter on September 18, where he claimed that the Fifth Harmony star’s comments were “not cute” and slammed the singer for her remarks.

“I found the @dinahjane97 from @FifthHarmony ‘gay’ video,” Hilton wrote alongside the clip of Hansen. “Not cute, girl. Not cute at all!”

In the clip, Dinah Jane appears to be refer to an unnamed person as “gay,” seemingly telling Fifth Harmony fans, “He thinks he’s so cute, so gay.”

It’s not clear exactly who Dinah Jane was referring to in the clip, though a number of social media users were quick to accuse the Fifth Harmony singer of being “homophobic” with her comments, taking to Twitter to make their feelings known about Hansen’s Snapchat video.

“In the context she was using… She was being homophobic,” Twitter user @SpinThatShhh claimed of Hansen’s “so gay” comments.

“I love Dinah but using gay as an insult is so wrong,” Fifth Harmony fan @BLMNormani added on the 140-character site shortly after the clip surfaced. “She was so wrong for saying that. [I don’t even know] how some of y’all are defending her.”

Other Fifth Harmony fans were quick to note that Hansen didn’t appear to be intentionally homophobic with her remarks, but pointed out that Dinah Jane’s remarks in the video could be offensive to the LGBT community.

Fifth Harmony's Dinah Jane Accused Of Being 'Homophobic' Over 'So Gay' Comments

“We know she is not homophobic, but you can’t defend her [right now], she can’t say something like that just [because] she’s ‘Dinah,'” @karlarising wrote amid the “homophobic” accusations surrounding the girl band member.

But while some fans hit back at the Fifth Harmony singer for her comments, others did attempt to defend the star on social media.

“@ThePerezHilton @dinahjane97 you are acting like calling someone gay is an insult when is not, stop this,” Fifth Harmony fan @CamillaCaballo hit back after Hilton uploaded the clip to Twitter, adding that Dinah has always showed her support for the LGBT community on various occasions in the past.

“Dinah isn’t homophobic for saying something is gay, it was just problematic and ignorant,” @waekend added, and Fifth Harmony fan @only0u_ also defended Dinah Jane Hansen writing on Twitter, “wtf y’all complaining for? I’m gay and I didn’t take what Dinah said as an insult.”

Dinah posted a number of snaps of herself wrapped in a rainbow flag in support of the LGBT community during a Fifth Harmony show to Instagram earlier this year, including one that she captioned “One Love.”

Fifth Harmony fans then sent the snaps to Hilton, slamming the blogger and other social media users for accusing Hansen of being “homophobic” through her recent remarks on Snapchat, though Perez quickly shot back, “You can support the gay community and still be ignorant about things – LIKE THIS.”

Notably, Dinah has also performed alongside her Fifth Harmony bandmates at numerous LGBT events, including L.A. Pride in 2015.

Dinah’s fellow girlbanders Normani Kordei and Ally Brooke spoke out about Fifth Harmony’s appearance at the event in an interview with Advocate last year, where they confirmed that all five girls support the LGBT community.

One Love❤️

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“Performing at this year’s L.A. Pride means everything to us, just because we are so involved and we stand up for people really loving themselves no matter what form they come in,” Kordei said at the time. “It means everything to us, and we’re really supportive.”

Ally also voiced her strong support of the LGBT community on behalf of the Fifth Harmony girls, telling the site that she is “a firm believer in love and accepting yourself” ahead of the band’s performance at the event last year.

“We all are,” she continued, referring to her Fifth Harmony bandmates, Dinah, Normani, Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui. “I think it’s so important for us to be a part of that.”

Dinah Jane is yet to comment on the controversy surrounding her “gay” comments in the Snapchat video, though Hansen did take to Twitter on September 18 to promote Fifth Harmony’s soon-to-be released music video for their new single “That’s My Girl.”

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