WWE News: Backstage Creative Plans For Triple H’s Return To WWE Revealed

After being defeated by Roman Reigns and losing the WWE Heavyweight Championship in the main event of Wrestlemania 32, Triple H disappeared from WWE television for several months as Shane McMahon regained power, the WWE Draft, and brand extension went through, and much more. The WWE Universe knew The Game’s return to Raw and SmackDown was imminent, but to what end would he return to WWE?

The answers to some of those questions finally came a few weeks ago during the Fatal Four-Way match for the WWE Universal Championship on Raw. Triple H’s return was shocking as he cost Reigns the match, but the real shock was ensuring that Kevin Owens became the WWE Universal Champion over Seth Rollins.

As much as The Game’s sudden return to Raw changed everything for the brand, his return to the shadows creates more questions for Raw’s storylines as Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon prepare for WWE Clash of Champions on Sunday night. Owens is set to defend the WWE Universal Championship against Rollins in the main event. However, the speculation about Triple H getting involved is hitting a fever pitch.

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It’s been reported that Kevin Owens is expected to lose the WWE Universal Championship at WWE Clash of Champions potentially due to sinking ratings and poor house show numbers for the Raw brand. Of course, there are rumors about Goldberg making his return to WWE at WWE Clash of Champions as well. The point is there is a lot of hype and possibilities surrounding the first exclusive Raw PPV since the brand split.

According to a new report, Triple H is expected to return to WWE television for an active role on Raw, and WWE Clash of Champions is the most obvious opportunity for The Game to reestablish himself into the fold that will create a power struggle between himself, Mick Foley, and Stephanie McMahon. There are several questions about that storyline progressing, but the bigger question lies between Triple H and Seth Rollins.

First and foremost, why Triple H betrayed Rollins in favor of Kevin Owens has yet to be revealed. WWE is obviously building towards a major feud between Rollins and The Game. The only question is when WWE thinks it is the right time to pull the trigger on that match. WWE Survivor Series is a possibility, but it’ll be interesting to see if WWE officials have a plan to hold off on Rollins vs. Triple H until Wrestlemania 33.

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Although a report has claimed that Kevin Owens could lose the WWE Universal Championship at WWE Clash of Champions, you’d think that Triple H would do everything in his power to make sure that doesn’t happen, especially with the title potentially falling into the hands of Seth Rollins. Otherwise, his actions on Raw a few weeks ago are all for naught.

Unfortunately, Kevin Owens’ momentum is going to take a hit at WWE Clash of Champions no matter what happens. The perception of many WWE fans is Owens didn’t earn the WWE Universal title; it was given to him by The Game. Therefore, he’s not being taken seriously as a world champion in WWE. Owens losing the title after only a few weeks proves that logic, so the only thing to do is keep the title on him for awhile.

However, Owens defeating Rollins clean at WWE Clash of Champions is best for him, but that could hurt Seth’s position in Raw’s main event. Triple H interfering again on Kevin Owens’ behalf and ensuring that he keeps the WWE Universal Championship seems to be the only logical way to continue all major storylines on Raw without hurting anyone’s momentum. In most ways, Triple H holds all the power right now.

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