WWE Rumors: Goldberg Teasing WWE Return For WWE ‘Clash of Champions’

At the height of his popularity during the infamous “Attitude Era,” Bill Goldberg was the top face for WCW, their franchise player, and the most popular wrestler on Earth for a brief period of time. His apex in 1998 rivaled Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock at the time, which is an achievement that has been forgotten.

Two decades later, wrestling fans and the WWE Universe still clamor for Goldberg’s return to the spotlight of the industry despite not being relevant in over half that time. The rumors about his return have been circling WWE for the past several months. They gained a lot of momentum with WWE fans when he was announced to be a featured character for WWE 2K17 and has been pivotal to the marketing of the game.

Most recently, Goldberg received a lot of attention in the rumor mill heading into WWE Summerslam last month. The rumors were strong enough, and the WWE Universe made their desires clear by chanting his name as WWE Summerslam went off the air after Brock Lesnar destroyed Randy Orton in the main event.

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The question on the minds of many WWE fans is if there is a real chance of Bill Goldberg returning to WWE for a match, or at least an appearance on WWE programming to help promote the video game. While the rumors continue to surround the WWE product, the most recent update claims that there is hope.

The last that was heard, Goldberg and WWE were discussing the idea of a return to WWE television. Simply put, “the wheels are in motion” for Goldberg’s return to WWE programming, and one more match is said to be on the table as a real possibility at the right time. Obviously, there are several matches that could happen if Goldberg’s return to WWE became a reality, but the WWE Universe has made their top choice very clear.

For whatever reason, Goldberg vs. Lesnar at WWE Royal Rumble or even Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando next year is what the WWE Universe wants to see from both men. That match took place twelve years ago to some infamously poor results at Wrestlemania 20 in 2004. Despite that fact, it seems that the WWE fan base may not have to wait until 2017 to see if Goldberg returns to WWE. Apparently, they may only have to wait until next weekend.

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According to a recent rumor, Goldberg has been teasing making his highly awaited return to WWE at WWE Clash of Champions next weekend. That may seem to be too early, but WWE 2K17 comes out next month, so the time to strike is now if WWE wants to utilize Goldberg to promote the video game on WWE television.

The two sides have been talking according to the rumors that have been going on for most of the year. It’s also been reported that Goldberg will be in Indianapolis the same day as WWE Clash of Champions, so WWE could be setting up something big. A match would be a tall order, but WWE officials may go through with that idea since promoting WWE’s annual video game has led to the return of former WWE Superstars in the past.

Of course, WWE may not be willing to allow Goldberg to compete in the ring based on his age, time away from the ring, and he may not get medically cleared to wrestle another match in WWE. He could still return and be a part of Wrestlemania 33 next year as an inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. The point is that something is brewing between Goldberg and WWE. It could happen much sooner than rumored.

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