Jennifer Lopez And Jason Statham’s ‘Parker’ Gets A Trailer [Video]

Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham haved teamed up for director Taylor Hackford’s Parker, an action thriller that’s currently slated to arrive in theaters on January 25, 2013. Just a day after giving prospective moviegoers an opportunity to stare at the official poster from the movie, the first official trailer for the film has arrived on the internet. Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez fans should be more than happy with what’s in store.

As the folks at Screen Rant have pointed out, Parker doesn’t feel like too much of a departure from Jason Statham’s previous efforts. The clip, which suggests the film offers up everything fans have come to expect from the Expendables star, features Statham smacking around bad guys with the same flair present in his other like-minded motion pictures. However, as many will candidly explain, more of the old Statham is not necessarily a bad thing.

Internet Movie Database describes the film as follows:

“When Parker turns down a job offer to pull off a jewel heist, he narrowly escapes with his life. He then teams up with a female real estate agent who is familiar with the local town and has nothing to lose to find the target of the heist so they can steal the loot for themselves.”

In addition to Statham and Lopez, Parker also features Nick Nolte, Clifton Collins Jr., and Michael Chiklis as the villainous Melander. The movie is a bit of a departure for director Taylor Hackford, who previously delivered the Oscar-winning biopic Ray, the Richard Gere romance An Officer and a Gentleman, and peculiar Al Pacino satanic lawyer flick The Devil’s Advocate. Although the picture is a bit different than what we’re used to seeing Hackford tackle, he seems to have done his Jason Statham-oriented homework.

Are you excited about Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham joining forces for Parker?