'Outlander' Season 3 Spoilers: 'Two Major Deaths' Expected, More Sexy Scenes?

As 2017 draws nearer, fans of the STARZ hit series Outlander are growing more and more anxious for news of deaths, subplots, romance, and the release date.

The executive producer has finally spoken up and given fans a hint at what it to be expected of Season 3.

"When a 'Outlander' viewers asked if he could reveal when Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) will finally see each other again, Moore confirmed that he knows exactly when it will be on screen. Yet he apparently wasn't in the mood to give away such a spoiler about the Starz drama," IBTimes reported.

The news source further explained where we left Claire and Jamie at the end of Season 2 as well as where Season 3 will pick up.
"Jamie and Claire have been separated for twenty years. Claire assumed he died in the Battle of Culloden, but once she discovered her second husband survived, she decided she had to go back in time. Though it isn't clear when exactly their reunion will be seen, the couple will definitely rekindle their romance quickly. Moore confirmed that there would be love scenes in Season 3."
However, a major issue will be Jamie's remarriage to none other than Laoghaire (pronounced Leeh-ry). We met Laoghaire in Season 1 when she was fawning over Jamie. She was absent for much of Season 2 until midway through when we saw her being nice to Claire, for a change.

But how will Claire respond to Jamie's remarriage? While it is to be expected of him to remarry, it will surely come as a shock to his long-lost wife.

Many are wondering whether the Season 3 premiere will be "super-sized," like the 90-minute Season 2 finale was. But Ronald Moore said that this will not be the case, according to IBTimes.

"Not every story demands or even benefits by it," Moore explained.

"Longer is not always better. Sometimes, it's just long. […] Having the flexibility to do a super-sized episode once in a while is nice, but we don't try to go there unnecessarily."
Other major questions regard deaths and sex scenes.

"Speaking about the upcoming Outlander Season 3 premiere, the all new season is said to take off with Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) 'taking part' in the Battle of Culloden," CSN said. "The publication notes that both Moore and Heughnan have since shared videos from the first day of Outlander Season 3 filming. The footage finally showed battle scenes being shot, after the previous season mounted the 'build-up' for the actual fight."

CSN further reported that "two major deaths" are to be expected in this battle. Of course, this leaves viewers wondering who else they can possibly kill off, since the end of Season 2 also saw the end of characters like Dougal and Angus.

In regard to Jamie and Claire's scenes, Moore reportedly claimed that there will "'definitely' be more sexy scenes in Outlander Season 3," according to CSN.
"When asked if he can reveal when the on-screen couple's reunion in Season 3 will be, Moore teasingly responded, 'I can… but I won't…' It can be recalled that Claire was still in the future when Outlander Season 2 ended. Hence, fans can expect that they won't be together in the beginning of the upcoming season."
But can that really be expected? Come on, we've missed those two. They've surely got to end up at least seeing each other in the first episode. If they don't, many fans will probably very angry.
The Inquisitr reported earlier this month that the source material for Season 3 is author Diana Gabaldon's third book, Voyager. According to the article, fans of the series will know that the book is crazy--with insane plot twists, subplots, and characters. However, there will also likely be a good deal of romance--especially considering the fact that Jamie and Claire will see each other "for the first time in 20 years."

Romper reported that the release date may be some time in April. Whether or not this is true, it is likely that the show will be released in mid-2017. In the meantime, we'll just have to obsess over the Season 2 finale and pray that Jamie and Claire reunite soon.

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