Bigfoot Sightings: Cameras In Utah And Michigan Appear To Have Caught The Creature On Film, Is It Real? [Video]

Patricia Ramirez

'Tis the season for ghosts and goblins and beasties; could that explain the recent rash of North America Bigfoot sightings? In the last week, cameras in Utah and Michigan have seemingly caught Bigfoot, a potentially mythical creature of cryptozoological legend, in motion. People around the world have claimed to have had Bigfoot sightings (or sightings of his cousins, Yeti and Sasquatch, among others) for virtually as long as there have been people.

Could Bigfoot be real? Could these recent Bigfoot sightings be proof? Check out the footage and you be the judge.

The first of the recent reported Bigfoot sightings caught on camera comes out of Provo, Utah. In that instance, KSL News reports that the Bigfoot was seen near the Provo Airport. The area surrounding the airport is flat and marshy and on the banks of Utah Lake. The alleged Bigfoot sighting took place in a local cornfield.

Incredibly, many of the notable recent Utah Bigfoot sightings have been captured on video and shared on social media. Earlier this year, folks recreating in Utah's Payson Canyon claimed to have caught video of a Bigfoot.

The second of this week's Bigfoot sightings took place in Michigan. As WRKR reports, the Michigan sighting was captured on an "eagle cam" in one of the state's many wooded areas. Reportedly, the Michigan sighting was recorded in the spring but only uploaded to social media recently.

However, like all cryptozoological sightings, a lot of attention doesn't always mean that the cameraman has debunked a long-standing myth. In the case of the Michigan Upper Peninsula Bigfoot photo, a lot of folks are saying that the picture doesn't show a massive ape or hominid at all. Rather, the Bigfoot "experts" seem to think that all the camera captured was a bear.

What do you think? Is Bigfoot real? Could more cameras and a rash of recent Bigfoot sightings mean that humanity is that much closer to finding incontrovertible proof of the creature's existence?

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