Is TLC Preparing Another Duggar Reality Show?

When the Duggar family’s secrets began being outed in the Spring of 2015, many thought Josh Duggar had brought about the downfall of the family’s fame. Rumors began to circulate about the possibility that TLC would grant the family a new reality show, and viewers wondered: was this really something the Duggar family could bounce back from, not on a personal level, but as reality stars?

That question seems settled, with TLC first presenting three episodes, then two full seasons, of a Duggar reality show first billed as Jill & Jessa: Counting On and later just Counting On. From focusing on the family moving on after Josh Duggar’s confessions, and Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard moving on to grow their own families, the show expanded to include Anna Duggar joining Josh’s sisters on shopping trips, and teasers about Duggar love lives.

Now the show is focused on Jinger Duggar’s courtship and engagement, but is promising other courtships and new babies — in other words, it has skewed back to the focus of the Duggar family’s previous reality show, 19 Kids & Counting, before it was pulled off the air.

As the now-grown Duggar kids star, a few are conspicuously absent. Of course, there’s Josh Duggar — who reportedly won’t be back on the show. Viewers have speculated, though, about whether he’ll eventually be eased back in, especially since Anna Duggar has frequently appeared.

Josh Duggar's wife his link to the show
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Then there’s the so-called “rebel Duggar cousin” — Jim Bob Duggar’s niece, Amy. Typically, Amy Duggar — now Amy King — was portrayed by the show and her family as a mischievous girl who didn’t follow the rules and didn’t mind starting trouble. Below, Jessa Duggar (now Seewald) blames Amy for throwing food at a cameraman, until she learns she herself was caught on tape doing the same.

Amy Duggar King has been pretty candid about being hurt by the entire saga, but less candid about some other matters in her life since Josh Duggar blew the family from fame to infamy. Specifically, in April, she teased followers with hints about a mystery project.

California is always a good idea! #filming @kingdillpickle Oh the adventures are just beginning

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Duggar fans were quick to respond with questions, and some social media users directly accused the Duggar cousin and her husband of using “vague-graming” tactics to keep people guessing.

One follower says, “Here we go with ANOTHER little tease,” and adds, “Lame tactics.”

Dillon responds,

“[H]as nothing to do with tactics, we are just living our lives and sharing as we go. When we [are] able to share more we will.”

The former Duggar responds too, expressing excitement and insisting, “That’s really all we can say.”

The couple never gives any clear response about exactly what the big secret project is.

Over a month before, the pair had responded to queries about the continued seasons of the Duggar reality series, Counting On, and positively asserted that they won’t appear on the show.

However, it’s impossible to deny that Amy has had a few opportunities to attempt to launch a musical career that have come directly from Duggar fame — in 19 Kids & Counting episodes, Amy — along with mom Deanna Duggar and Grandma Mary Duggar — takes a trip to Nashville to try her hand onstage.


Now on the couple’s shared Facebook page, Duggar husband Dillon King has released another not-quite-update, still being vague, but hinting that more information might come soon. He apologizes for lack of updates, noting that they have been busy, and announces,

“We have a surprise for everyone, we have been working on some stuff and the outcome I think will be amazing.”

Okay, the pair is working on a project, as they’ve said, and they’ve made reference to “filming,” so it could be a few things — a new music video, for instance. Where does the possibility of connection to the rest of the Duggar family, or a reality show, come in?

Amy’s Twitter bio. She changes her information from time to time — for instance, at one point it read, “From a Duggar to a King!” as she appeared to celebrate leaving her old name and Duggar family drama behind.

For some time, her bios on Twitter and Instagram have included an email account through Central Entertainment Group for addressing inquiries, but most recently, she’s added another piece of her resume back to the bio: it now reads, “Mrs. King//TLC”

Amy Duggar King partnership with TLC?
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Of course, it goes without saying that business with TLC is in her background, but what’s the motivation to add it now?

Perhaps even if she’s maintaining her resolve not to rejoin the Duggar family on their reality show, Amy Duggar King is working on partnering with TLC again, for something of her own.

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