Jay Cutler: Tension With Mike Tice Was Blown Out Of Proportion By Media

Chicago Bears fans should be talking about how the team dominated the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night with five interceptions and two defensive touchdowns. Instead, everyone’s talking about a 10-second incident that occurred on the sidelines between Jay Cutler and offensive coordinator Mike Tice.

The clip shows Cutler on the bench after a failed offensive series. When Tice comes up to talk to him, he abruptly stands up and walks away.

Fans and pundits took it as a sign of disrespect and as evidence of a growing riff between the star quarterback and the offensive coordinator. Cutler, however, says he was just getting a glass of water.

Cutler said:

“(The media) takes a 10-second clip and blow it out of proportion … It’s unfortunate these things get so much attention … Mike came over there and said: ‘We have to make that,’ and I said: ‘I know.’ Got up and got some water. Watched the defense for 10 seconds, came back and talked to Mike about what we were going to get into the next series and we’re off and running.”

Do you think the media blew the incident out of proportion? Jay Cutler Fights With Offensive Coordinator Mike Tice is a much better headline than Jay Cutler Drinks Water On Sidelines.

Cutler said that he understands that people have to sell newspapers but said that most of the time the controversy is blown out of proportion.

Cutler said:

“It happens on a weekly basis with teams and players … If I yell on the sidelines, I get killed. If I don’t say anything, I get killed. If I walk away, I get killed. It’s a no-win situation. There is so much competition in the media … it is what it is. Mike and I are good.”

What do you think? Did the media over-exaggerate the confrontation between Jay Cutler and Mike Tice?