Zayn Malik And Dick Wolfe To Cast ‘Boys’ On NBC: Who Will They Choose? Are They Recreating One Direction?

Zayn Malik and Dick Wolf are determined to create a show that exposes what boy band members actually go through. It will be very realistic, with granular accuracy based on Malik’s own experiences.

Like One Direction, the Boys cast for The NBC network’s new series will be selected as individual singers and thrown together for the purpose of creating music. Still, there are differences.

Casting for Boys for NBC will be a sort of talent search, but it will in no way resemble X Factor or any of the other talent contests or reality shows. It should amount to little more than traditional TV show casting.

Zayn Malik when One Direction Started [Image by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]
Zayn Malik when One Direction Started [Image by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]

Zayn Malik is talking some criticism for recreating an experience that he did not enjoy very much. Seventeen featured an editorial about how it is hypocritical for Zayn to subject five more boys to a One Direction-style boy band machine that he didn’t enjoy.

“If being part of 1D had become such a burden to Zayn that he felt compelled to speak out against it so passionately in several interviews, why would he sign on to recreate those very conditions for more young boys?”

Zayn Malik has been forthcoming about his dislike for certain working conditions after his split with the band. Celebuzz quotes Malik’s complaints.

“There were certain restrictions in terms of the way that we could come outside of that young teen boy look. Mainly my beard, honestly… I also wanted to dye my hair when I was in the band, but I wasn’t allowed to.”

One Direction’s management kept the 1D boys clean. They steered their image away from drugs, sex, violence, and rock and roll, so to speak. The 1D boys had to have a certain image, both musically and in their personal lives. Zayn Malik and the other boys were not allowed to speak freely in interviews or express anything about issues they were interested in. Their music was limited to very strict guidelines and approval, and they had no time to develop solo work. Malik and the others were subjected to a very tight schedule.

One Direction with Simon Cowell by Ian Gavan c2
One Direction with Simon Cowell [Image by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]

Boys will be a television program that will air on NBC, though the time schedule is still unknown. Like most television programs, it will film for a few months out of the year, with a somewhat flexible schedule. The rest of the time, no one will likely care how they wear their hair, or how they spend their time, or what they might say to the media.

The Boys group will also record music in a studio and probably release singles and albums, just like One Direction. They may even have time to produce their own solo music. Many television personalities produce their own musical albums, make movies in their offseason, and so forth.

Zayn Malik’s One Direction years were spent touring eight or nine months out of the year. Sometimes they had 20 concerts in one month. It was relentless. Boys will be filming for at least few months a year. They may record in the studio and that would take even more time. Therefore they can’t be subjected to the bone-crushing road nearly as much as One Direction was, and it is doubtful they will tour together at all in the first season or two of the show.

Boys is a television show, based on One Direction, but it isn’t One Direction. The boys chosen will be actors playing a role, in addition to being a boy band releasing music. Zayn Malik knows what went wrong in his One Direction days and he’s not about to make the same mistakes with the Boys.


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Boys will be a show about emotions and feelings, and as such, the boys should be given more creative license, but it is yet to be seen how the band’s music is written and chosen. A lot about the new The NBC show remains to be seen, but there is so far no reason to jump to any conclusions about ill-treatment of young musicians selected for the show.

The new The NBC musical drama, and the band potentially created by it, may or may not succeed in selling a lot of albums, but the boys will get a lot of exposure, and it could be a great opportunity. The experience should be more equivalent to the Partridge Family of the 1970s, than One Direction’s experience. The show might also be compared to Glee.

While Boys is a show about One Direction, it is not an attempt to recreate Malik’s situations in real life. Boys will simply be a TV show on The NBC.

Zayn Malik and Dick Wolfe will soon choose musically-talented boys for The NBC Television show, Boys.

[Featured Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]