‘Boys’ Is One Direction Revealed By Zayn Malik Or Rather A Band Like 1D: New Teen Musical Drama Series On NBC

Boys is One Direction revealed by Zayn Malik. It is a rare view from the inside of fame. Malik explained in detail to his co-producers what it is like to be swept away as a teenage boy and skyrocketed to fame. Malik reveals how he felt, going from a lower middle-class neighborhood kid to a superstar, virtually overnight.

Boys on NBC will illustrate to viewers that same kind of super-stardom Malik achieved, with four or five lucky young teen actors, yet to be selected. These boys will likely be skyrocketed to fame as well. The boys chosen to be in the fictional boy band will probably need to be musically talented, as well as handsome enough to evoke a teen girl’s swoon.



Zayn Malik has previously explained in various interviews, like this one in Fader, the kinds of special challenges that faced him as a young star. He had feelings of being misunderstood, as someone else created an image for him that did not match his own self-image at all.

Boys is a TV series patterned after One Direction, as experienced by Zayn Malik. The NBC musical drama will give fans the opportunity to see far more of the life of teen stardom than ever before. Malik’s collaboration will bring this musical teen drama to life. Viewers will likely see the anxiety that still plagues Zayn when facing a large crowd and the feeling of not always being in control of even the minor details of his own life.

One Direction, or rather a fictionalized band that is very much like them, is featured in the show. Boys is bound to produce four or five new heartthrob teen stars for young girls to adore, but more than that it will show that being a big star is a lot more complicated than previously believed. Viewers will see the whole One Direction experience, as if through Zayn’s eyes.

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Zayn Malik [Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]
Boys on NBC will probably be the most authentic show about teen stardom ever produced. The things it will reveal about One Direction and their feelings about what they do, should be a really amazing and informative experience for viewers, especially young viewers who love the band.

Zayn Malik’s experience is vital to the new NBC series Boys. NBC president Jennifer Salke explains how Malik’s experiences are invaluable to the authenticity of the show.

“Zayn certainly brings an authentic point of view to this world where kids are catapulted into fame at a dizzying speed. On top of our excitement around the creative ideas being discussed, we have a lot of respect for the musical and digital ambitions behind the project.”

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One Direction with Simon Cowell [Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]
Boys, One Direction revealed by Zayn Malik, will show the thrills and excitement, but also the dark broody times of being a teen, famous or not. It will show the heartache, the homesickness, and the exhaustion of life on the road.

Zayn Malik will co-produce the new NBC show, Boys, along with Dick Wolf and a team of highly specialized co-producers set to do what each does best. For example, according to Variety, Sarah Stennett focuses on the music, including the talent development and securing the rights to the music produced on the show. Sarah and Access Industries will also have a focus on brand development and representation.

One Direction’s Zayn revealed his experiences, which is a huge contribution to the show. He will be there to ensure authenticity in the show’s direction and details. The show is not just about what happened, but how it actually feels to be in his shoes and what it was like for all the boys. Fans should be braced to learn the inner world of 1D, as well as the physical touring and stage performances.

Fans should be braced to learn the inner world of One Direction, as well as the physical touring and stage performances. ‘Boys‘ will reveal exactly what it is like to be in a suddenly successful boy band, thanks to Zayn’s experiences.


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Zayn Malik, Dick Wolf, Noelle Wolf, Sherri Cooper-Landsman, Jennifer Levin, Peter Jankowski, Amanda Ghost, Gregor Cameron, and Sarah Stennett will be working together as producers of the new NBC series. Zayn is very excited about the project according to the Rolling Stone.

“Dick Wolf is a legend. The opportunity to work with him and NBC to create a compelling drama series is awesome.”

One Direction revealed a side of all the boys in the group that was sweet and adorable. Modest management tried to keep them innocent. But still, their rise to fame was so explosive and they were suddenly exposed to so much.

Those who think it was always easy for these young men, need to watch Boys.

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