Jennifer Lopez’s Daughter Makes An Appearance At Paris Fashion Week

Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Emme made an appearance at Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week event, according to Female First. The four-year-old and Lopez’s boyfriend Casper Smart recently attended the fashion-oriented extravaganza, which featured the 2013 spring and summer collection from renowned designer Karl Lagerfeld. Despite the numerous outfits on-display at the event, it would seem that all eyes were on Jennifer Lopez and her family.

Although Lagerfeld didn’t have much to say about Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Emme, he did feel the need to explain his latest collection. “It’s more about the mood of the times, not something you have to translate. It’s all about the wind, it’s in the air,” the fashion designer said regarding the use of wind turbines during the presentation. “I started sketching in Central Park and it was so hot that I wanted fresh air.”

The Los Angeles Times reports that the public appearance of Emme Maribel Muniz, the daughter of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, at the Paris Fashion Week shindig was music to photographers ears. Since getting shots of Jennifer Lopez’s daughter means plenty of cash money for any opportunistic shutterbugs in attendance, it’s not surprising that so many shots of the trio have started popping up online. Given the trio were front and center at the Chanel show, it doesn’t seem they really mind the attention their appearance ultimately generated.

Since Lopez and boyfriend Casper Smart do enjoy their alone time together, the duo showed up at the Valentino presentation without Emme in tow. The couple reportedly decided to chat up the famed fashion designer before taking in his latest collection.

Although Jennifer Lopez’s daughter enjoyed hanging out at Paris Fashion Week with her mom, chances are she won’t be able to attend the premiere of the actress’ latest cinematic endeavor, director Taylor Hackford’s Parker. The film, which co-stars action hero Jason Statham, is currently slated to arrive in North American theaters next year.