‘American Horror Story’ Season 6: The Shocking Ratings Are In For Episode 1

American Horror Story has been building hype for Season 6 of the horror anthology series all summer long by keeping its fans in the dark about what this year’s theme was going to be about. There has been wild speculation about what American Horror Story was going to be about this year and the final reveal of the Season 6 theme was not all that shocking, to say the least.

This is the part of the article where we need to warn you that there are potential spoilers coming up from Episode 1 of Season 6 of American Horror Story. If you have not seen that episode yet and do not want it spoiled for you, you may want to proceed with caution.

Suffice it to say that fans of American Horror Story all tuned in last Wednesday to see what this year had in store for them. After several video teasers released on the internet and on TV, only one of them held the true identity of the Season 6 theme for American Horror Story.

As insignificant as it was, Season 6 of American Horror Story turned out to be the Roanoke theme, although that is still yet to be verified by the actual show with no opening sequence having played in the Season 6 premiere. Episode 1 of American Horror Story perched itself into a new form of storytelling by giving fans a mockumentary style of show that featured two “real life” victims of an event that occurred on Roanoke Island off of the North Carolina coast (presumably). Then it showed dramatic reenactments.

It appears as though the summer-long teases did nothing to boost the ratings for American Horror Story. Fan might have assumed that there was something big lurking behind the curtain, but when the curtain finally lifted, the “wizard” was a bit unimpressive.

That also had a direct impact on the ratings of American Horror Story, as reported by Deadline. American Horror Story Season 6 did not open up to ratings that are worthy of other shows like The Walking Dead, as they had hoped, but rather performed quite meager and has been listed as the second worst opener for American Horror Story since Asylum back in 2012.

But that does not mean that Season 6 of American Horror Story performed that bad, when compared with other shows on broadcast and cable. It opened up to 3.5 million viewers in its key demographic, which is the 18–49 crowd. But overall, it had 5.1 million viewers, which is promising. That means it was number one on cable and tied for first place on broadcast and cable combined. But still, that pales in comparison to The Walking Dead‘s 15 million viewers per episode (on a slow day).


There is still more saving grace for the premiere episode of American Horror Story Season 6. Those are just the numbers for people who tuned in during the live showing. There are still some numbers that need to roll in for what’s called “Live + 3,” which is the total viewers for the live showing as well as the numbers for people that tuned into a DVR within three days and watched the recorded show. So that could jump the American Horror Story Season 6 premiere ratings up to 10 million viewers, which would be considered a very strong performance.

Even still, American Horror Story Season 6 is down 7 percent from the American Horror Story: Hotel premiere. That might not be a good sign for the show, but only time will tell at this point.

Fan can tune into FX on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. to catch each episode of Season 6 of American Horror Story.

[Featured Image via FX]