Kristen Doute Pregnant: Is She Using Her Cute Canine As A Service Dog On Airplanes?

Kristen Doute may have been busy filming the new season of Vanderpump Rules, but it sounds like she may be keeping some secrets. After the previous season wrapped, Kristen got serious with her boyfriend, Brian Carter, and it sounds like they are moving forward quite fast.

This week, Kristen posted a picture of herself with what looked like a massive baby bump. Since she’s over 30, she could be thinking about having children and becoming a mother. In addition, Kristen is doing everything possible to make traveling more comfortable.

According to a new tweet, Kristen Doute was on a plane this week with her boyfriend, Brian Carter, and Delta Airlines apparently made a fuss with Kristen bringing her dog with her on the plane. Gibson sat in her lap, and it sounds like the dog may work as a comforting element for her. In her tweet, Doute revealed that her dog was indeed her service dog.

“Delta, love how your gate agents, RUDELY, give me hell about my service dog and TSA couldn’t have been more kind. Beyond disappointed,” Kristen Doute revealed on Twitter, sharing that her dog, Gibson, is actually a service dog, which prompted a response from Delta.

“I will be sure to share your concerns with our airport Leadership team,” one team member from Delta wrote, adding later, “Hi Kristen, that’s not good to hear. We expect our staff to be courteous and professional at all times.”


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Kristen Doute didn’t specify why her dog was a service dog, but it could be a dog that helps her with her anxiety in regards to flying. Doute has never talked about a fear of flying, and she did fly a lot before she got her dog. Maybe she’s just realizing that her anxiety is lower when she has her dog with her. But her comment about the service dog didn’t go unnoticed by her fans.


“Why do you have a service dog?” one person questioned, while another added, “love you, but why do you need a service dog!?”

Maybe Doute will open up about this issue on the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules. Last season on the show, Kristen had to deal with some relationship issues in regards to James Kennedy. While Doute was responsible for her own relationship and her decision to stay with him, she’s now revealing that he may have used her.

“James did his homework. He knew exactly what to do to get me,” Kristen Doute revealed about her relationship with James Kennedy, according to Bravo. “He knew when to swoop in, when I wasn’t really friends with anyone yet. [He also knew] basically don’t act like Tom [Sandoval] and don’t be an ass, and then I’m going to like him. And he also knows that I fix little, broken souls. He just did his homework and he knew exactly what he was doing. And he played me right until the point that he got through one whole season, became a primary and then dropped me.”

What do you think of Kristen Doute’s comments about her dog being a service dog? Do you think the dog relaxes her now that she could be pregnant?

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