WWE News: Bray Wyatt Talks Being Different In WWE, Being The Most Memorable

There’s nothing worse than a WWE superstar that wasn’t utilized enough during his or her time in the company. Too many examples exist in the world today and multiple men just left recently due to that problem. Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio recently left the WWE because of various reasons. Rhodes was very disgruntled, frustrated and simply wanted out of the company. Officials didn’t take him seriously and Vince McMahon lied to him on multiple occasions.

Rhodes had what it took to be a major champion in the company, as well as the ability to carry the Rhodes name even further. Del Rio’s release from the company came from frustration and false promises. In recent memory, that seems to be a common theme with many former-WWE stars. CM Punk is the most infamous out of the many. Del Rio was supposed to be a Paul Heyman guy and a WWE World champion. Instead, he was wasted in a bland stable that went nowhere.

Alberto Del Rio Enters the Ring For a Match
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Barrett was the most shocking out of the three men. He had all the tools to be a WWE World champion. During his run with the Nexus, he had all the momentum in the world. That was, until John Cena decided it would be a great idea to bury the entire team and beat them in a match. For all the WWE Universe knew, the Nexus was over after it’s short stint. Only Del Rio held a world championship, but it should have been all three of them. None of them should be out of the WWE.

Another man going down that path is Bray Wyatt. His WWE status is dropping severely, which is due to the WWE Creative team and their inept ability to see good talent where it lies. In a recent article with the Inquisitr, Wyatt was rumored to have backstage heat for absolutely no reason. That could be the reason behind the Wyatt family split. He just jobbed out to Kane at Backlash and isn’t going anywhere. In a recent interview with the Daily Journal, Bray Wyatt talks about being very different in today’s WWE and being the most memorable.

“I don’t really view myself as a legacy. I am my own thing. When I was a child, all I wanted to do was get here some day at some point because I had so much to say and things I wanted to accomplish. Not because someone before me did, but because I had my own message.”

“I am the most shock and awe product there is today. It’s a strange vibe when I come out. I’m different than anything else out there. It’s violence and wildness.”

For somebody that’s top-5 on the microphone and top-5 in the ring, Wyatt deserves much better and shouldn’t be dealing with the way he’s being booked. It feels like the Eater of Worlds goes out to the ring, calls out somebody and loses the feud.


His stock is dropping rapidly in the eyes of the consumer and the only way to rectify what has been done is to turn Wyatt full babyface, or book him to go on a massive winning streak. Wyatt would feud for the WWE World championship, instead of wrestling meaningless matches. If he can’t defeat Kane in a no-DQ match, how is it believable that he can defeat Randy Orton?

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Wyatt even gave props, according to WrestlingInc.com, to Randy Orton; as he should have. The Viper is a future WWE Hall of Famer. However, he shouldn’t be beating Wyatt in any capacity. At this point in Orton’s career, he should put over talent like Chris Jericho is. He’s about to enter a feud with Sami Zayn, in which he’ll lose. Orton needs to give Wyatt several wins in a row, so he can become legitimate once again.

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