Missing Woman Elizabeth Hock: Her Body Is Inexplicably Found On The Roof Of A Home Depot [Video]

The body of missing Michigan woman Elizabeth Hock was found on Thursday, over a week after she vanished seemingly without a trace. The 23-year-old missing woman last spoke to her sister Emilie on September 6, which was also the last time anyone in her family saw Elizabeth Hock alive. Inexplicably, the body of missing woman Elizabeth Hock was found on the roof of a Commerce Township Home Depot store.

At this time, investigators into her disappearance don’t believe that she was murdered or that any form of foul play was involved in her death, reports Fox News.

So far, authorities investigating the disappearance and (now) untimely death of missing woman Elizabeth Hock haven’t released much information, and they are staying mum on the young woman’s cause of death. According to multiple reports, Elizabeth Hock’s autopsy results are expected later today.

The disappearance of Elizabeth Hock, who was a resident of Farmington Hills, was extensively investigated by local law enforcement, particularly after the vehicle belonging to the missing woman was discovered by police in a shopping center parking lot, her identification and purse still in the car. Now that police have revealed that her body was found on the Home Depot roof, some sense is being made regarding the location of her vehicle.

The Home Depot is located in the same shopping center where Elizabeth Hock’s Crown Victoria was located on Tuesday.

According to the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office, the body of the missing woman indicated that she had been dead for at least several days by the time she was discovered. It is possible that Elizabeth Hock died shortly after she last spoke to her grieving sister on September 6.

As CBS News reports, the family of Elizabeth Hock began to suspect something terrible may have happened to the missing woman toward the end of last week, because nobody had heard from her. On Friday, September 9, she was reported missing after not having spoken to anyone in her family for a few days. Elizabeth Hock’s father, Ed Hock, told the media that her loved ones began worrying about her well-being and decided to report her disappearance to police.

The family of Elizabeth Hock reportedly endured even more intense emotional distress after the Tuesday discovery of the missing woman’s vehicle. A vehicle that devastatingly still held all of her personal effects. Reportedly, when the car was found, family and law enforcement began to worry that her story wouldn’t have a happy ending.


On Thursday morning, their worst fears were confirmed when the body of Elizabeth Hock, known to those close to her as “Liz,” was discovered on the roof of the Home Depot building. According to investigators, while they are ruling out foul play in the death of the missing woman, they are unsure how she got on the roof of the building.

Prior to her disappearance, Elizabeth Hock was an employee of the Birmingham Athletic Club. She was also reportedly studying business at the local community college. The formerly missing woman’s distraught and disbelieving former coworkers have had little to say about the news that Elizabeth Hock was found dead in Commerce Township, aside from commenting that the missing woman was “super, super nice.”

Local police are not saying what caused them to search the roof of the Home Depot store, so it is unknown whether they found some clue that led them to the discovery of Elizabeth Hock’s body or if their search of the top of the building was simply precipitated by the discovery of Elizabeth’s abandoned car in the parking lot.

After her disappearance, the family of missing woman Elizabeth Hock asked for the public’s assistance and support in bringing her home safe. Following the news of her death, Elizabeth Hock’s family has respectfully asked for privacy while they grieve.

[Featured Image by Hock Family/Oakland County Sheriff’s Department/Twitter]