‘Big Brother 18’ Jury Fight Causes Backlash For Houseguests [Video]

Big Brother 18 hasn’t been filled with overly dramatic antics. In fact, some fans have claimed the season is a bit on the boring side. A lot of the confrontational houseguests were sent to the jury house early on, and BB doesn’t offer too much footage from there apart from the arrival of new players each week. Paulie Calafiore has been someone who brings controversy. He blew up the house before he was evicted, and several other houseguests weren’t too fond of him. Sending Zakiyah packing after leading her through a showmance was one thing that didn’t sit well with the ladies of the house.

Last night during the live eviction show, the jury house footage was over-the-top. Big Brother has been known to cause chaos in order to stir up some drama but what happened between Da’Vonne and Paulie was nothing short of extreme. According to Jokers Updates, the jury confrontation was intense. Da’Vonne got into Paulie’s face when he mentioned her daughter. Security was called in and the other jury members weighed in. Fans have been offering their opinions across social media, with some former Big Brother players weighing in as well.

Paulie Calafiore has caused a lot of issues for himself in the BB game. He isn’t well-liked in the house and the jury house wasn’t welcoming either. In fact, when Paulie came to play the battle back, he talked about how awful they were to him in the jury house. Last night, the footage showed America just who Paulie and Da’Vonne really are. When the other houseguests didn’t jump in to diffuse the situation, things escalated.

Paulie has to face America in a little over a week. It wasn’t looking good before the jury confrontation, and it is looking even worse now. The Calafiore family has been trying to battle in favor of Paulie on social media but instead has made the situation worse. It is similar to what happened with Aaryn Gries and her racial comments and dissing Texas, but more intense in the sense that many are calling Calafiore a sexist and womanizer.

The confrontation from the Big Brother jury house has gone viral in just hours. Da’Vonne is being called out for the way she acted and the example she is setting for her young daughter. “Mom shaming” is happening but many are fighting back defending her actions because Paulie spoke of her daughter. It was a very personal attack, one that will make BB history. The jury house is usually calm, only very little drama being caught in the 17 previous seasons. Most of the drama is left in the house and is written off as “gameplay” versus personal attacks. There is a little under a week left until the Season 18 finale, and with all of the tension in the jury house, more confrontations are expected.

Zakiyah and Da’Vonne were tight throughout the game. In fact, when it was discovered that Paulie played Zakiyah and let her walk out of the Big Brother house, Da’Vonne was there for her and had her back completely. As the fight erupted between Paulie and Da’Vonne, Zakiyah stood there and tried to tame Paulie and didn’t stick up for her friend. This caused issues between the friends and made some words come out that could be considered as slut-shaming.

As the next few days pass, there will be tensions among the jury members. There isn’t any coming back from where Paulie and Da’Vonne went, and when they exit the house, both will be facing backlash based on their actions. Big Brother is an intense game, and when emotions run high, explosive confrontations are almost expected.

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