‘Pokemon Sun’ and ‘Moon’: Starter Pokemon Evolution Split Virtually Confirmed By Official Nintendo News Source!

It has recently come to light that Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s three starters will each have two distinctly different final evolutionary forms.


A recent Pokemon Sun and Moon news dump coming from Corocoro explains the previously revealed Rockruff’s split evolution into two different forms of its second stage. When combined with some of the information we already know, this in turn suggests, with very little room left over for doubt, that the three Sun and Moon starter Pokemon – Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio – will indeed boast split evolutions into their final forms.

Back on June 11, reported the Inquisitr at the time, leaks from Corocoro revealed that Iwanko, the normal/rock type dog whose English name would later become “Rockruff,” shared a secret with the three starter Pokemon. No more information was given on what the nature of that secret might be.

Fast forward to July 8, when a Chinese source posts online and claims it has insider information about Pokemon Sun and Moon and some of its mechanics. Among the seemingly random bits of information it posted was the assertion that the Pokemon Sun and Moon starters would each have two final evolutions. Pokemon-themed Youtube content creators such as Pdwinall note that the starter Pokemon split evolution idea seemed especially outlandish, and it was one of the reasons the leak was quickly dismissed as one of the many Pokemon “leaks” that are 100 percent fabricated.


Ever since the Chinese leak, as it has come to be known in the Pokemon community, was posted, however, more and more details it put forward have been proven accurate. Alola-specific forms of existing Pokemon, the existence of Mallow discussed by the Inquisitr, the also-discussed addition of a dark type Alolan Raticate and a Pokemon based on a sea cucumber… eventually, the spot-on nature of everything the leak had said made most Pokemon fans 100 percent sure it is legitimate.

So what about the two-evolutions-per-starter concept? Sure, the leak seems to have been proven accurate, but that in particular seemed like too much of a risk on The Pokemon Company’s part to be true.

Some more news revealed in this month’s issue of Corocoro, however, lends much more credence to the idea. Several tidbits about Pokemon Sun and Moonwere announced, reports go-to Pokemon news source Serebii, perhaps the most interesting of which is that Rockruff can evolve into one of two forms, depending on whether the Pokemon is evolved at day or at night.

This goes nicely with the upcoming Pokemon games’ day and night themes, but it also harkens back to the secret Rockruff shares with the three starter Pokemon. Maybe the so-called secret is that its evolutions depend on the time of day to determine their results? Maybe the same is true for the starters. Maybe the Chinese leak was right about that, too, after all. It’s completely consistent with everything Pokemon fans have seen thus far.

Of course, this does not really answer the most burning question Pokemon fans have about the starter evolutions: what will their appearances and typings be? Fortunately, the Chinese leak, which has now gained more credibility than ever, has something to say about that, too. The leak says the final evolution of Rowlet will be an archer, Litten will be a wrestler, and Popplio will be a siren. These labels suggest an earlier Pokemon Sun and Moon leak, which actually drew out final evolutions for the starter Pokemon that match those descriptions, is accurate. Assuming the starter Pokemon have two final forms each, the leaks only reveal half of what fans want to know, not taking into account typing. But still, it’s better than nothing.


The Pokemon Sun and Moon hype train is chugging along at a breakneck speed, and official news updates from Corocoro or The Pokemon Company are coming in an even faster stream, so we are sure to learn more about the starters and their evolutions sooner rather than later. The Inquisitr provides detailed coverage of almost all the aforementioned Pokemon Sun and Moon updates, so be sure to keep checking back if you’re hungry for more.

Until next time, Pokemon fans!

[Featured image via Pokemon]