‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Moon’: New Evolutions Leaked From Legitimate Pokemon News Site, Starter Pokemon Evolutions Essentially Confirmed

The past two days have been fairly exciting for Pokemon fans, as the Pokemon community has received plenty of exciting news about Pokemon Sun and Moon evolutions from various sources. Some of said news suggests several never-before-seen evolutions, and some of it simply goes further in confirming the already-suspected starter Pokemon evolutions. What makes this news special is that it came from two extremely reliable Pokemon news sources, the site Pokejungle and the official site of Pokemon itself.

First, let’s discuss the all-new evolutions, which cropped up in an anonymous leak leak from Pokejungle. The leak was posted anonymously, which is usually a huge red flag, but the fact that it was backed by a site as reputable and authoritative as Pokejungle lends it a significant amount of credibility.

The first Pokemon the leak says will evolve is Komala, the koala Pokemon revealed by Corocoro in mid-June. Komala, the leak says, evolves into a “more bear-looking Pokemon” called Ibearnate. Presumably, that means Komala will lose some of the qualities that make it look like a koala and take on more of the appearance of a regular bear. As the commentary in the article says, this is a surprise since Komala is the first-ever koala bear Pokemon to be announced. Pokemon fans may not be happy to see the features that set Komala apart from other Pokemon be lost in evolution.

The second Pokemon we learn will evolve is Pikipek. True, Pikipek is Alola’s regional bird Pokemon, and because of that, everyone knew it would evolve, but even forward-thinking Pokemon fans were taken aback by the unexpected, yet perfectly logical, typing of the Pokemon’s evolutions. To be more specific, the second and third stages, named Perfowl and Fowldrill, respectively, acquire a steel/flying typing. Many sources that discuss the leak say that a steel-type Pokemon that can be captured early-game would be powerful and would be a very nice touch for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Next up is Bounsweet, the adorable Pokemon that looks to be based on a mangosteen fruit and which was revealed in an official Pokemon trailer in late July. Bounsweet is said to evolve into Pepperot, and like Pikipek’s evolution, Pepperot has a unique typing: grass/fire. Pokemon-themed Youtuber Tyranitartube notes that assigning a grass and fire typing to a pepper Pokemon is a brilliant move, as that specific type combination has been requested by fans for a long time and a pepper is one of the only ways you could go to create a grass/fire type that does not seem like too much of a stretch.

The final leaked evolution is the pre-evolution of Tortunator, one of the most recently revealed Pokemon Sun and Moon additions. Very little is said about the pre-evo except that its name is Krakatuga and that it has a detonator switch on its unprotected belly. At least that gives some reason why Tortunator has his back turned to protect his front side.

The leak also contained lots of other information, although none of it directly concerns new Pokemon evolutions. For instance, the leak reveals the new typings of several Alola forms, it says that Pokemon riding mini games will play a major role in the games, and it says a bit about the identities of the four Totem Pokemon.

The leaker also posted drawings of many of the new Pokemon he or she talked about, although they included the note that the drawings are from memory and may be incorrect. A few of those drawings are embedded below, and the rest can be viewed in the leak itself.

Even more reliable and perhaps more exciting to some is the official Pokemon site’s recent confirmation of the Chinese leak released back on July 8, and with it, the final evolution of the three starter Pokemon, Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio.

The official trailer released by The Pokemon Company did not actually come out and say that “the Chinese leak is real,” but it did officially confirm Pokemon Sun and Moon’s inclusion of Alolan Rattata, a form that the leak said would be in the games. Not only that, but the leak even correctly called Alolan Rattata’s typing: dark/normal. That is not the first insanely specific game detail that the Chinese leak has nailed (The Inquisitr wrote a report on another of the too-accurate-to-be-coincidental information from the leak), and it is the final confirmation Pokemon fans needed to decide the leak is 100 percent legitimate.

Now that we know the leak is spot-on, we can confidently say that we know what the final forms of the starter Pokemon will look like, as images of the three final forms were included in the Chinese leak.

The leak is definitely worth a look, and you can view it by clicking here. In case you can’t view it, though, it shows that Rowlet (the grass starter) will evolve into an archer, Litten (the fire type) will become a fearsome wrestler, and Popplio (the water type) will become a mermaid-like creature known as a siren.

What do you think Pokemon fans? Can the leak detailing new Pokemon evolutions be trusted? And are you glad the Chinese leak has basically been confirmed? Make yourself heard in the comments section below!

[Image via The Pokemon Company]

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