Is Kristen Doute Pregnant? ‘Pump Rules’ Star Sporting Massive Bump

Kristen Doute has been keeping a low profile via social media since she wrapped the last season of Vanderpump Rules. The show is currently filming the new season, and it is expected to hit the Bravo network sometime this fall. But it sounds like Doute may have been keeping a big secret from fans based on a recent photo on her Twitter profile. Either she’s been eating lots of Mexican food lately, sporting a huge stomach from all of the extra calories and gas, or she’s very much pregnant with her first child. When Kristen shared the picture, she wasn’t exactly eager to give the details.

According to a new tweet, Kristen Doute is now confusing fans with this picture, as she looks very pregnant. In fact, Doute could already be in her second trimester, since she has a smaller frame. However, Kristen is hinting that it’s not a baby she has in her stomach. It’s just Mexican food and she has mastered the art of doing a push-out belly.

“Mexican food isn’t the same without you. #twinsies,” Kristen Doute wrote on Twitter to Carmen Dickman, Jax Taylor’s ex-girlfriend from the show, causing quite the confusion with her followers.

“I feel like I should throw you a Burrito Baby Shower…catered by Taco Bell,” one person wrote, while another added, “Omg!!! Are you reals pregnant??? If so, that’s wonderful! Congrats!!”

But other followers were a bit more skeptical of her belly, writing that they had also been able to push out their stomachs after eating a huge meal. And it sounds like these followers are convinced that she’s not pregnant.

Kristen doute bump

“I feel like I’ve successfully matched your push-out-pregnant-belly #success,” one person wrote to Kristen Doute, while another added, “I could do that up until age 30 also. Best stomach pusher since 4th grade LOL.”

Before she posted the bump picture, she did reveal that she was indeed pregnant – but only with an enchilada baby.

“The only thing I was prego with was an enchilada baby,” Doute wrote on Twitter before sharing the picture of herself with the belly.


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It is possible that she was referring to another comment about being pregnant at another time, but it sounds like the girls on Vanderpump Rules won’t be throwing a baby shower anytime soon if Kristen Doute’s comments are to be believed. But in case she is indeed pregnant and she’s trying to confuse fans, the baby daddy is possibly Brian Carter. The two have been together for over a year, and they live together.

According to E! Online, the two met via the dating app Bumble, and they were serious about one another just a month later. The two lived quite some distance apart, so they would split their times between their homes. Carter eventually moved closer to Hollywood to be with Kristen and he moved in with her. And Kristen Doute is convinced that he is indeed the one for her. Just last year, she joked about him having her children.

“Then, when my accident happened in October, he was here taking care of me, the entire month before my surgery and then the month after. After that, his lease was up and it was decision-making time. Instead of signing a new lease, he started staying with me,” Kristen Doute has previously revealed to E! Online about her relationship, adding, “But we finally decided to get a brand new place together. We just signed the lease and we’ll be in within the next two weeks. We also just got a puppy together!”

Do you think Kristen Doute is indeed pregnant?

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]