‘The Originals’ Season 4: Mikaelson Siblings To Do Some Self-Analyzing — Rebekah And Kol Bond In Dreamscape? [Spoilers]

The Originals Season 4 premiere is several months away, but there are still small spoilers to report. The latest information isn’t about Marcel, Klaus, Hayley, or Hope. It has to do with the Mikaelson siblings in the dreamscape. What will they be doing while there? Plus, there are hints that Rebekah and Kol may bond.

Spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading if you don’t want to know what could happen when The Originals returns.

On the season finale of The Originals, Freya (Riley Voelkel) transported herself and her siblings to a dreamscape. The only person who was not there was Klaus (Joseph Morgan), who is in an agony-filled coma and inside of a secret tomb. When The Originals returns with Season 4, five years will have passed. What have Freya, Rebekah (Claire Holt), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) been doing in the dreamscape all of this time? Will any of their relationships change as a result?

Five years is a long time to sit in a dreamscape. All there is to do is think about the past and the future. Where this gets interesting is which characters bond in the dreamscape. It seems that Klaus is always at the center of problems. Concerning Davina’s (Danielle Campbell) death, Elijah and Freya both played a part in that. That leaves Rebekah and Kol suffering the consequences. Executive producer Julie Plec told Entertainment Weekly that it causes Rebekah and Kol to bond in The Originals Season 4.

“Rebekah, like her siblings, has gotten caught up into the unified family takedown and spent five years in an alternate reality and is now back once again with that same choice she always has: What is my life supposed to be outside this crazy family. Kol, interestingly enough, is asking himself those same questions. The two of them are going to bond in a way that we haven’t gotten to see so much about what their future is in this family and how much of this crazy they’re expected to live through.”

As viewers know, Rebekah and Kol bonding seems odd. One has to wonder if they will continue to get along after they leave the dreamscape or not. However, it comes down to family once again. Each season there are different problems and various questions, but it always boils down to loyalty and family. Will this cause some bitterness within the Mikaelson clan? Or will they band together to fight a bigger problem that is headed their way?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a sadistic vampire is coming to New Orleans. He has an old beef with Klaus, and unlike the others before him, this villain won’t be easily dismissed. In fact, it has been teased that he will put everyone’s life in jeopardy. This makes some fans believe that Marcel will be forced to awaken Klaus Mikaelson. Will Klaus and Marcel be forced to work together to take care of the new big bad?

As for what else to expect in The Originals Season 4, Michael Narducci spoke to TV Guide shortly after the season finale.

“What you can definitely assume is that after a time cut, these sleeping giants are going awaken and they are not going to be happy. There’s going to be a reunion of all these characters. As to what happens there, I’m going to leave it to the fans to think about and debate amongst themselves. We’ve got some great stuff planned.”

What do you think of what Julie Plec had to say about Rebekah and Kol? What do you think will happen with these two characters? How will it affect Klaus and the rest of the Mikaelson siblings? Find out when The Originals returns with Season 4 in early 2017.


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