Scott Brown ‘Schools’ Elizabeth Warren In Debate: ‘I’m Not A Student In Your Classroom’ [Video]

A tense back-and-forth between Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren over the former’s record in last night’s debate culminated with Brown scolding Warren, saying “Excuse me, I’m not a student in your classroom – please let me respond.”

Warren at one point in the debate accused Brown of voting unilaterally with Republicans to block Democrat-backed bills, reports NewsBusters. Brown’s response was: “She’s obviously misstating the facts,” said to cheers from the audience. “These were rejected by both Democrats and Republicans, professor. If we are going to comment on my record I would at least have you refer…”

At this point, Warren interrupted the Senator to dispute his rebuttal. He responded by scolding the Democratic hopeful, saying: “Excuse me, I’m not a student in your classroom – please let me respond.”

At this point, the crowd became heated, with some cheering and others seemingly booing Brown. To us, it sounds like the crowd is actually “oooh-ing” as in, “Ooooh, he told her!” but we’ve embedded the clip below so that you can judge for yourself.

The Washington Post notes that Brown is attempting to paint himself as the “likeable” candidate and that this line cuts against that strategy, but not everyone sees it that way. Althouse argues that the quip actually makes Brown more likeable, as the comment was humorous and may help him with Massachusetts voters who are still undecided between the two candidates.

The interruption, in that regard, helps in “making him (Brown) a man of the people and her (Warren) a member of the entitled elite.”

Well, technically, they’re both members of the entitled elite, but we see Althouse’s point.

Here’s the clip. What do you think? Was Warren righteously schooled by Brown, or was the Massachusetts Senator’s comment incredibly rude? Are those “boos” we’re hearing? Sound off!

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