Kelly Ripa Co-Host Announcement Delayed? Michael Strahan Relieved To Dodge Drama

The Kelly Ripa co-host rumors have been swirling since Michael Strahan exited the show in May. Now, the gossip surrounding the new co-host has sped up considerably since the new season of Live premiered without a permanent new co-host.

As the Inquistir reported, the names circling the role have been a series of famous faces. ABC and Ripa haven’t decided on a celebrity name to permanently replace Strahan just yet, despite fans having some favorites like Anderson Cooper and Jerry O’Connell.

For the first week of Live, ABC announced a stellar line up that would be joining Ripa in the hot seat. Some of the famous names who survived the summer rounds were Morris Chestnut, Christian Slater, Michael Weatherly, Neil Patrick Harris, and Anderson Cooper.

When it comes to Kelly Ripa co-host gossip, most had pegged Anderson Cooper as he seems to be a perfect fit for the gig. Aside from his appearance on premiere week, Ripa and Cooper got to test their chemistry several times, as well as test how the audience felt about him permanently taking the seat as co-host.

The undeniable chemistry between Anderson and Kelly is still going strong despite newer rumors that Jerry O’Connell is a big contender to be Kelly Ripa’s co-host. Just the other day, Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa recreated their own version of Sandy and Danny from the popular film Grease. Kelly posted the video on Instagram of the two joking around backstage.

They sure look comfortable together, don’t they?

In terms of the Kelly Ripa co-host gig, Kelly Ripa herself was rumored to have her eyes set on Anderson Cooper for the position. Back in May, the Wrap reported that Ripa is “pushing for Cooper” to replace Michael Strahan, but even back then it was obvious that ABC wasn’t in a rush to find a replacement.

Now, it’s already the second week of the new season of Live! and Kelly Ripa’s co-host still hasn’t been announced. Entertainment Tonight reported that Kelly Ripa is enjoying the attention that Live! is getting now that viewers and the media are tuning in to see who she will pick as her permanent co-host.

As we know, Ripa has a bit more power than last season. She was promoted to the role of executive producer, which gives her a bit more say in who ABC ultimately picks to replace Michael Strahan.

Kelly Ripa co-host rumors are probably good for the show and promotes extra interest in a show that’s endured changes over the years.

“The show is going to stick to doing a round robin shuffle of guest co-hosts for the time being. Kelly likes the dynamic right now, so they’re not in a hurry to make a decision anymore,” a source explained to Entertainment Tonight.

Perhaps this is a hint that the Kelly Ripa co-host rumors have no weight and that ABC might use rotating faces that Kelly gets along with and enjoys hosting alongside. It would also mean that Anderson Cooper wouldn’t have to worry about his time being tied up by the Live! gig. If Kelly Ripa really wants him as a frequent co-host, this approach gives him the time to balance his schedule.

And what about Michael Strahan? Well, Strahan has moved on to his new gig over at Good Morning America, and according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Strahan is relieved that he escaped the drama over at Live! The site states that Kelly Ripa has been “petty and vindictive” towards her former co-host. Back in June, Michael Strahan admitted on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show Chelsea that he didn’t miss being on the show.

“I really haven’t missed it, but I loved it. Don’t get me wrong. I loved it. When you get a break, sometimes you kind of go, ‘Wow, I kind of needed it.’ I needed a break.”

Do you think Kelly Ripa’s co-host will rotate every week?

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]