‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Who Will Be Paul’s Next Victim? A Major Character Who Is Well-Loved Is About To Lose Their Life

There is about to be a major shakeup this week on General Hospital that may have some fans upset. There is a good possibility that someone whom viewers have come to know and love will be exiting the show by the hands of Paul Hornsby. Ever since he was revealed as the serial killer, everyone has been bracing themselves waiting to see who his next victim will be, and it looks like the wait is over.

According to spoilers coming from Soap Hub, there is about to be a beloved character who has been on General Hospital since 2012 will be killed by Paul. He seems to carry that deadly syringe around with him when he is roaming the hospital looking for his next victim. At first, he was killing random patients who were just extras on the soap. However, this time it is expected to be someone who is considered a major character on the show.

This person who is murdered by the hospital serial killer is not actually the intended victim that Paul Hornsby is after. For some unknown reason, he is after Monica Quartermaine. He has tried once before to inject her, but that attempt got foiled. It looks like he tries again, but someone else gets in the way. Will this person realize that Monica is about to be killed and steps in to save her?

There have been many speculations on who is about to be killed, and it seems that all fingers are pointing to Sabrina Santiago. It could very well be that she will lose her life as she has been suspicious of Paul ever since Elizabeth mentioned how she caught him in Monica’s office. Because of that, Paul was revealed as being the one who shoved Liz down the stairs and now she is fighting for her life. Sabrina also overheard Paul and Ava conspiring together and she confronted Paul about it. Now her life could be on the line as well.

Sabrina is not the only one who is at risk, as there are many people on staff at General Hospital who could be next. Everyone is definitely on edge lately. However, actress Teresa Castillo did join the ABC daytime drama back in 2012 and as nurse Sabrina, she swept her way into many hearts. However, she is a new mom on the show. Would the writers make it so her baby boy is without a mother?

There is also Dr. Liesl Obrecht, who joined the cast of General Hospital in 2012. Even though she is considered a villain on the soap, she is also well-loved as someone people love to hate. Will she be the next victim?

There is also another well-loved character that is a good possibility of being the next hospital serial killer victim and that person is Felix DuBois. He has not been onscreen for a while now and according to some photo stills posted by TV Source Magazine,Felix will be back this week. It is a good time as his BFF, Sabrina, has just gotten her nursing job back. She is thrilled that Monica asked her to come back to work, and this is why many General Hospital viewers are thinking that she is the next victim. It certainly is good timing. However, it is Felix who may be the one who actually loses his life by that deadly syringe.

Felix has always been well-loved on the show and even though he is only seen off and on these days, he is still considered a major character. In addition, he suddenly pops up on screen just in time for the next person to be killed. He could very well be there just to welcome Sabrina back to work, but is there more to it?

If it is Felix who gets killed, this will definitely affect Sabrina and everyone else at General Hospital. If it is Sabrina who is the victim that Paul gets next, it will also affect Michael Corinthos and her baby. Is this why Joe Rivera was brought to the canvas? He seems to be particularly interested in spending time with little Teddy right now. If Sabrina would die on the show, he is considered to be the next of kin. This could set up for a custody fight between him and the Quartermaine family. Of course, Sabrina will hopefully be sticking around and that will not be the case.

Who do you think will be Paul Hornsby’s next victim? Will it be Sabrina, Felix, or someone else? Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out.

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