‘American Ninja Warrior’ Contender Jessie Graff: ‘Supergirl’ Stunt Woman Reveals Preparation For Finale Run

American Ninja Warrior contender Jessie Graff reveals how she prepares for her finale run on the popular NBC game show, explaining that all she needs is exercise, practice, cayenne-free smoothies, and her pet hog.

In an exclusive American Ninja Warrior 24/B4 video, Graff summarized her pre-run regimen 24 hours before her final performance in the NBC obstacle course during the show’s season finale which will be aired on Monday.

In the first part of the video, the American Ninja Warrior contender is seen drinking smoothies with her friends and fellow Warriors. She reveals the contents of her power smoothie which includes fruits like apple, orange, and banana as well as kale, spinach, and pure aloe vera juice.

“And if you’re not a sissy, then you add cayenne pepper. And I’m a sissy,” she adds.

The footage then moves on to showcase the things American Ninja Warrior contender Jessie Graff has packed for the trip together with her pet hog, Sammo, who she absolutely adores.

She packed a blanket, her shoes, and dark chocolate espresso beans that would help her stay awake and alert when she needed to.

After landing on site, Graff performs pre-competition workouts including juggling, yoga, and other “really light, really low impact stretchy stuff.”

On the morning of the competition, she continues with her exercises but makes sure that the adrenaline rush does not kick in too early which is where Sammo, her pet hog, comes in handy.

She explained that while some may find it weird, she only achieves calm when she sees Sammo and her adorable snout.

“I have to not let the adrenaline kick in too early, and that’s where Sammo comes in. I melt when I see her snout. She’s so flippin’ cute. And I don’t mind sitting still when she’s around.”

Two hours before the competition, American Ninja Warrior contender Jessie Graff arrives on the site where the obstacle course was built. She takes advantage of the time to study the course and come up with techniques to overcome it.

“There’s just so many details to every single obstacle so I’m trying to pick out which is the best route to take. If you take too long on one obstacle, that’s less time you have for the whole thing so you need to have it all solidified beforehand so I’m not stopping in between,” she explained.

The American Ninja Warrior contender serves as a stunt woman of superhero TV series Supergirl, but made a mark on national television when she became the first woman to overcome the First Stage of the American Ninja Warrior late in August.

According to USA Today, 32-year-old Jessie Graff impressed viewers of the show when she went top-speed during the Los Angeles qualifying run while wearing a Wonder Woman outfit.

She also wowed the audience after performing very well in an obstacle course bombarded with the Log Grip, Jumping Spider, Propeller Bar, and Warped Wall, all of which are considered almost-impossible obstacles during the Las Vegas course in August.

Aside from being a stunt woman in Supergirl, her love for superheroes also became apparent when she started competing as a Ninja Warrior where she overcame very difficult obstacles while wearing superhero costumes, USA Today reported earlier this month.

During the 24/B4, Graff also revealed what she learned when she joined the show.

“One of the most important things a person can know about themselves is how they behave under pressure. Beating myself and improving is a higher motivation for me. I just want to prove to myself that I’m strong and capable and I can do more than I thought I could.”

Jessie Graff will be performing during the season finale of the American Ninja Warrior which will be aired on Monday at 8/7c on NBC.

[Image via NBC]

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