iPhone 5 Data Leak Problem Might Also Be Affecting AT&T Wireless Customers, Could Be Caused By iOS 6

Verizon iPhone 5 owners on Sunday were treated to a system update that fixed a cellular data leak issue. Now AT&T Wireless customers may be experiencing the exact same problem. According to earlier reports the issue was caused when a customers iPhone 5 would use cellular data for file transfers when the smartphone was already connected to a Wi-Fi network. Customers who were expecting to not be charged for cellular data were instead hit with huge data fees.

The update for Verizon customers appears to have solved the problem but now the AT&T Wireless issue may suggest that the issue is not carrier specific but instead related to an issue with the iPhone 5/ iOS 6 OS. In fact some iOS 6 users running on the iPhone 4 have reported the same issue.

In one case an AT&T Wireless customer tells 9To5 Mac that their iPhone 5 was “gobbling up to 2GB of cellular data over a three-day period while connected to Wi-Fi.

That same data issue is also being reported on the on Apple’s support website.

Even the New York Times is reporting that the iPhone 5 mobile data issue might not be carrier specific as reports have circulated to the publication from AT&T and Sprint Wireless customers.

Apple has not immediately responded to requests for more information and AT&T Wireless customers are being encouraged to check their data usage to ensure the problem is not occurring on their devices.

AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless have remained silent over the issue which could be causing an inconvenience for millions of new iPhone 5 and possibly iOS 6 mobile users.

Apple Maps and now data issues associated with the new iOS 6, to call the launch of the company’s new offering disappointing is quickly become an understatement.

Have you experienced strange data usage with your iPhone 5? If you have which carrier are you currently using for mobile service?

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