‘The Americans’ Season 5: What’s Next For The Acclaimed Cold War Drama

The Americans is one of the best TV series ever and no one knows about it. The multiple time Emmy-snubbed drama features Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as Elizabeth and Phillip Jennings – two KGB officers raising American children during the Cold War between Russia and America.

The drama took a turn in Season 4 when the Jennings revealed their true identities to their daughter, Paige Jennings.

The Americans is coming to its conclusion. According to Deadline, there will be two more seasons of the FX series, which will bring a conclusion to the long-running series.

Executive producer Joel Fields commented on the final two seasons.

“It’s hard to believe we’re heading into the final stretch on The Americans, and we’re so grateful to know we’ll be telling the story to its conclusion,” said Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg. “It’s a lot of people putting their hearts and souls into The Americans, at this point for a lot of years. We’re looking forward to the final two.”

Season 4 ended with a lot of angles to explore. Phillip Jennings is growing dissatisfied with his job and his son that he just found out about, Mikhail, will likely be featured in Season 5, disrupting the fragile Jennings family dynamic.

Paige is struggling with the revelation that her parents are Russian spies and their travel agency is a front. Paige revealed to Pastor Tim that her parents are spies, and the Jennings have to maintain a close relationship to Tim and Alice to ensure they don’t turn them in.

Phillip and Elizabeth’s friendship with Stan is getting complicated because the FBI agent is closing in on them and he has no idea.

Matthew and Paige are also getting closer, which worries Phillip and Elizabeth because she can’t get away with revealing that her parents are spies with the son of an FBI agent as she did with Pastor Tim.

Season 4 ended with Phillip telling Paige firmly not to see Matthew again. Since he lives next door and the Jennings have to maintain their relationship with Stan, it is unlikely that their budding romance will end just because dad says so.

This theme will likely be explored in Season 5, which may involve Paige sneaking behind her spy parents’ back.

Henry Jennings is also getting older, and he may begin to suspect that his parents are more than travel agents.

The possibility of the Jennings moving to Russia was discussed at great length in Season 4. With an infected William in police custody, the KBG feared that the Jennings have been compromised.

It is unlikely that the show will move in to that direction in Season 5, as the plot is centered around the Jennings tackling family and work issues involved with being in America during politically tense times.

Real life couple Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys gave an interview to Hollywood Reporter where they discussed The Americans and giving their ideas when presented with the plot.

When asked Keri Russell responded with the following.

“I actually said to them at the beginning of last [season], ‘Are we seeing cracks? Is there any way this could be Elizabeth saying, Maybe we should double agent or something?'” And Joe looked like I had said the most blasphemous thing. He was like, ‘No, there is not a chance,’ (Laughter).”

Rhys also revealed that the plot is very close to one of the real Russian spies that lived in America.

“These spies were called ‘illegals,’ and so we had a real illegal come to set who did exactly what we did. We caught some flack in the press about having an FBI agent living next door, but that was his story. He had an FBI agent who lived next door to him who turned him, so I was saying all this to Joe and Joel. I was like, ‘This is perfect. [Stan Beeman] will turn us — we’ll become double agents.'”

Perhaps Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings will get turned as the series concludes. We will have to tune in to find out.

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