WWE News: Paige Has Reportedly Quit WWE, Currently Negotiating Release From Company

Paige’s future in WWE has looked grim for a while now. Even before the rumors began about her leaving the company soon, her role on WWE programming had diminished month by month over the past year. Aside from another heel turn, some harsh work on the microphone, and a feud with Charlotte for the Divas title at the end of 2015, Paige hasn’t been featured strongly on WWE programming for a long time now.

In fact, her personal life and relationship with Alberto Del Rio have received a lot more attention from the WWE Universe over the past several months than her work on WWE television. At first, WWE fans were curious about the couple, but as their respective and collective relationships with WWE have soured, the negativity surrounding both Del Rio and Paige has intensified, especially over the past month or so.

Alberto Del Rio’s status with WWE has been quite clear for a few weeks. His upcoming release from WWE could even be announced as early as later today during a press conference. Ultimately, it came down to Vince McMahon promising Del Rio things that weren’t delivered when he was signed last year. Del Rio is on his way out, but the WWE Universe was questioning if Paige would be following him out of the company.

Paige’s WWE future has been in question for a while now because as soon as the rumors started swirling about Alberto Del Rio leaving WWE, the same thing happened to her by association. A few months ago, the WWE fans only wanted to know where Paige disappeared to since she hadn’t appeared on WWE television for a while, and hadn’t built any serious momentum as a character for even longer.

After some time, it was reported that Paige had sustained a neck injury. Once that news came to light, the WWE Universe was more understanding of her absence and hoped to see her on Raw soon. However, a new report came out claiming that her neck injury was far worse than originally thought.

It wasn’t long until the news broke that both Alberto Del Rio and Paige had been suspended by WWE for violating the WWE Wellness Policy. As of this writing, Paige is still serving that suspension, but the rumors floating about her now are claiming that she could be released by WWE before her suspension is over.

Paige is Reportedly Leaving WWE
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It was reported yesterday that Paige was attempting to get out of her WWE contract, and had hired lawyers to “explore her options.” Since the possibility of the former two-time Divas Champion leaving WWE is still a possibility, it was discovered that she is still signed with WWE into 2019, which means WWE would have to release her if Paige were to get out of her WWE contract.

Roughly twenty-four hours later, it is being reported that for all intents and purposes, Paige is no longer working for WWE. The belief is that she quit recently, and her legal representation is getting her out of her WWE contract as soon as possible. If this is true, Paige is negotiating her leave from WWE.

Over the past several months, Paige has seen her relationship get a lot of negative press. Apparently, WWE officials recently threatened her career if she didn’t break up with Alberto Del Rio. Meanwhile, she’s hurt, and her role on WWE programming has been getting weaker and weaker for the majority of 2016. The fact is that just based on what we know; it’s not out of the question for Paige to want out of WWE.

Paige Has Hired Legal Representation to Get Out of WWE Contract
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The fact is that the overall quality of WWE’s Women’s Division on both Raw and SmackDown is at an all time high with no ending in sight. Paige’s importance in making that happen on WWE programming was pivotal. She has accomplished more by the age of twenty-four than most women do in their entire careers.

If Paige is truly leaving WWE soon, she will leave behind a legacy in the company that will be remembered as a cornerstone of what made women’s wrestling in WWE what it is today and tomorrow. However, she’ll also have the opportunity to add to that legacy outside of WWE. Every wrestling promotion in the work is going to want her on their show. Not only that, but she will also get to work with almost anyone she wants.

The truth is that WWE will miss Paige a lot more than she will miss WWE. If these reports are as accurate as they appear to be, WWE will be making an announcement soon. Until then, it will be interesting to see what happens between the two. If Paige is released by WWE, their doors may be reopened to her after a few years for a return to the company. This most likely isn’t goodbye. It could be see you later.

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