WWE News: Update On Alberto Del Rio’s Future in WWE, Could Paige Be Leaving WWE Soon?

The WWE Universe has known for quite some time now that WWE Superstars Alberto Del Rio and Paige are in a romantic relationship. Most people wouldn’t have guessed that the pair would be interested in each other that way, but that’s an entirely different matter that is no concern of the WWE fans.

The bigger concern is that since their relationship went public, their personal lives have received a lot more attention than their work inside the ring and on WWE programming. Despite both WWE Superstars being very good performers, neither has had much to speak of regarding momentum on WWE television, which many people are wondering if their relationship is the cause.

Most recently, both Alberto Del Rio and Paige were suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Policy. It was the first violation for both of them, so they’re both currently serving the thirty-day suspension away from WWE, which was great for Paige, but was probably the final nail in the coffin for Del Rio’s WWE career.

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There have been reports over the past few months that Alberto Del Rio is very unhappy with his current position in WWE. It’s being said that Del Rio has some backstage tension with Triple H, which is holding him back from a more substantial role on WWE television. Becuase of that, Del Rio has been floating around the mid-card for most of his latest run with WWE.

Del Rio has been a part of some very good matches, he’s had two United States title reigns, and was a member of The Leauge of Nations during the stable’s run. He’s been a valuable asset to the WWE product over the past year, but he’s not living up to his full potential as a wrestler and as a performer in WWE.

According to a previous rumor, Alberto Del Rio may have an “escape clause” that would release him from his WWE contract as early as September. If that is the case, it’s been reported recently that WWE may not bring him back to television when his suspension is up. The last match Del Rio had was against Cena on SmackDown, which could also be the last of his WWE career.

Alberto Del Rio’s situation with WWE is completely separate from the dynamic Paige has with WWE. However, there has been a lot of backlash against the latter for her personal life since the relationship with Del Rio went public. Some people are concerned that he may be a bad influence on her, which is spilling over into her career and on WWE programming.

After the WWE Draft and brand extension, it was said that the couple was collectively upset that Paige had been drafted to Raw and Del Rio had been drafted to SmackDown, especially when it’s been reported that one of the factors why Nikki Bella was brought to SmackDown was because that was the brand John Cena was drafted to last month. The belief is that WWE officials split them up purposefully as a way to protect Paige’s career since they knew Del Rio was most likely on his way out the door.

It’s being reported that Paige leaving WWE shortly after Alberto Del Rio leaves in September or October is highly unlikely. A new report is claiming that Paige is signed with WWE through at least 2019, so the only way for her to get out of her contract is if WWE officials fire her or she is granted her release from the company.

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As of this writing, Paige leaving WWE this fall is pure speculation, and there have been no indications that she’s interested in departing the company anytime soon. However, her role on WWE programming hasn’t been very strong over the past several months. Paige has also been drafted to Raw, which has the more stacked Women’s Division in WWE at the moment.

There is a lot of speculation on the futures of Alberto Del Rio and Paige on WWE programming because the imagination of the WWE Universe runs wild when good WWE Superstars are left on the sidelines when they should be doing something of greater importance on WWE television. Not everyone can be pushed at once, but performers like Del Rio and Paige are key role players on WWE programming, which makes the WWE Universe question their position when they aren’t featured strongly.

Their suspensions are up in mid-September, so the WWE fans are just going to have to wait and see what happens between Del Rio and WWE officials. Paige was nursing some nagging injuries before her suspension, so the latter may give her the time to heal. There are a lot of questions about the futures of Del Rio and Paige in WWE right now; the answers will come soon.

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