Michelle Obama Speech For Hillary Clinton Campaign: First Lady To Hit The Campaign Trail

Michelle Obama will hit the campaign trail in support of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the coming days. The First Lady joins a long list of prominent Democrats making appearances on the campaign trail for their party’s candidate, as the campaign attempts to show the party is united behind their candidate. Michelle Obama will also be joined by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who already campaigned for the candidate earlier this year, after initially being hesitant to endorse Clinton.

According to Politico, Michelle Obama will play her part in Clinton’s election efforts on September 16 in the Northern Virginia suburbs and will follow a long line of high-profile Democrats and celebrities. The news comes following the Clinton campaign’s recent announcement that President Barack Obama will make an appearance for the party’s candidate just a few days earlier on September 13 in Pennsylvania.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign definitely appears to be going all out in terms of high profile appearances during their final 60 days of campaigning. According to the New York Times, Hillary Clinton’s husband and former Democratic president Bill Clinton will campaign across four states this week alone, whilst their daughter Chelsea will make several appearances in Pennsylvania on Wednesday. At the same time, the campaign plans to bring Hillary Clinton’s former rival Bernie Sanders onboard for further campaign stops in the coming weeks.

Tim Kaine, who hasn’t been as visible on the campaign trail as previous vice presidential campaigns, is set to start making a more active role, not only alongside Clinton but also current Democratic vice president Joe Biden. The pair appeared together in Pittsburgh on Monday, with Joe Biden’s team planning further appearances. Biden himself, of course, turned down the opportunity to run for the Democratic nomination last year, citing the recent death of his son Beau as the main reason why he couldn’t run for the office.


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Whilst star power has always proven beneficial for Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the past, her campaign will also be looking to create a clear united front behind the candidate. Donald Trump has been publically lambasted by members of his own party, so it’s now a clear strategy for Clinton to show that she has the full support of the Democratic party behind her, especially at a time when Trump is nearing Clinton in national polls.

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro, are amongst a number of other names from across the Democratic party that will make appearances for Hillary Clinton in the coming weeks. At the same time, Clinton will continue to receive campaign stop support from celebrities, including Tony Goldwyn, Don Cheadle, and Audra McDonald. However, Clinton received her biggest showing of celebrity support at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July.

Discussing the support Hillary Clinton has received from across the party, a Clinton campaign spokesman said “Now that we are past Labor Day, Democratic leaders are kicking it into high gear to make the case that Hillary Clinton has the ability to do the job of Commander-in-Chief and President on day one. She appreciates their support”. Jesse Ferguson continued by reiterating claims that Donald Trump doesn’t have the support of any living former president, or any Republican nominee.

Aside from high profile names within her own party, Hillary Clinton has also received support from a number prominent GOP figures, in order to prevent the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency.

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