Donald Trump Throws His Ted Cruz Insult At Hillary Clinton On Twitter

It would be fair to say that Republican candidate Donald Trump has thrown around the most insults of this election cycle. However, Trump now appears to be running out of material. Once again taking to Twitter to lambast Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, Trump used an insult that he threw at Ted Cruz during the Republican primary process.

According to Business Insider, Trump is floating “‘Lyin’ Hillary” as a new nickname for his Democratic rival.

“Lyin’ Hillary Clinton told the FBI that she did not know the ‘C’ markings on documents stood for CLASSIFIED. How can this be happening?” Trump tweeted on Sunday evening, in reference to a recent FBI investigation.

However, Trump first used that nickname when his opponent was Ted Cruz during the campaign for the Republican nomination, often referring to Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas as “Lyin’ Ted.”

Trump regularly uses a plateau of nicknames to refer to his rival, with his defacto choice usually being “Crooked Hillary.” That being said, over the course of the presidential campaign so far, Trump has thrown a number of other names at the former secretary of state, including “Heartless Hillary,” “Unstable Hillary Clinton,” and “Incompetent Hillary”. Donald Trump has run a general election campaign largely focused on attacking Clinton, so with that in mind, the variety of nicknames he’s used to describe her aren’t too much of a surprise.

Whilst Trump’s tweet was an undeniable success amongst his supporters, some politicians fired back at the accuracy of the Republican candidate’s post. Many noted that the C in question does actually stand for confidential and not classified, as signified by Trump. Criticism didn’t stop Trump however, he continued with a series of tweets attacking Hillary Clinton, with one mocking the former first lady’s recent polling results, saying, “The polls are close so Crooked Hillary is getting out of bed and will campaign tomorrow.Why did she hammer 13 devices and acid-wash e-mails?”


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Twitter has been a key battleground throughout the 2016 presidential cycle so far and that’s been largely as a result of Donald Trump’s presence on the social network. However, that hasn’t stopped Hillary Clinton from using the platform to attack her Republican rival too, whilst also sharing her various celebrity endorsements.

According to the Huffington Post, a recent tweet from Donald Trump Jr. has received a considerable amount of mockery on the social network. The tweet from Donald Trump’s oldest child reads “This is not a Republican vs Democrat election. This is about an insider versus an outsider,” and features a photograph of Trump Jr. alongside his siblings, Ivanka and Eric. However, the tweet has been mocked across Twitter by a number of high-profile users, with the children likened to characters from Children of the Corn, The Purge and American Psycho.

Whether Donald Trump’s most recent choice of nickname for Hillary Clinton will stick or not remains to be seen. However, Clinton is likely to hit back at the Republican candidate’s claims, most likely using the very same social network. In fact, many more insults are set to be thrown between the pair before they go head to head in November’s general election. This has undeniably been a presidential election fought through social media, which is something many voters are growing tiresome of.

In the end, whichever candidate wins the forthcoming election, they will have to put Twitter aside and get on with running the country.

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