Penelope Cruz Reveals Inspiration Behind Agent Provocateur Lingerie Line That’s Been Two Years In The Making

Penelope Cruz has revealed the inspiration behind her latest lingerie collection, according to Elle. The 42-year-old Vicky Cristina Barcelona star may be a famous actress, but it doesn’t mean she can’t be a promising lingerie designer.

Ever since Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica launched the lingerie collection with L’Agent by Agent Provocateur, everybody knew that it will be something sexy and seductive. And they weren’t wrong!

Penelope Cruz’s latest lingerie collection created with Agent Provocateur creative director Sarah Shotton was inspired by rock and roll as well as a famous actress, whom moviegoers may know from such films as Two Women and El Cid.

That’s Sophia Loren. The reason the 81-year-old actress served as a source of inspiration for Penelope Cruz was because over her acting career, she has always played the woman that never dates a bad boy but at the same time, she is ready to run hand in hand with him wherever he goes.

Discussing her latest collection with Elle magazine, Penelope Cruz revealed that being an actress has taught her to always pay attention to the imaginative storytelling part of everything. And designing lingerie was no exception.

“I always like thinking of a scenario and a theme for the collection.”

One of the bras that comes as part of her latest lingerie collection as well as a sexy bodysuit were inspired by such Hollywood bombshells from the 1940s and 1950s as Sophia Loren. In fact, Penelope Cruz admits that Loren is a “constant source of inspiration” for her collections created with sister Monica.

“She personifies sexiness in a woman and is a true living icon.”

Penelope Cruz also revealed why she was so specific about her choice of a lingerie brand and why she decided to go with Agent Provocateur. And as it turns out, it was simply the shade appeal.

“I really love all the bright colors. It’s what drew me and my sister to Agent Provocateur — the risky vibrant colors.”

Penelope Cruz hopes that with the help of her brand she can open people’s minds and “dare” them to be more “brave” about their choice of lingerie. Penelope and Monica Cruz teamed up with Agent Provocateur more than two years ago, and all this time they have been working on their L’Agent line.

And one of the reasons why Penelope Cruz loves working with Agent Provocateur is because they allow her to be fully responsible for the design process, according to the Belfast Telegraph. In her L’Agent line, Cruz got creative in pretty much every aspect: from making a scalloped-edged bra to featuring lace inserts across the bodice of a sexy bodysuit.

What Penelope Cruz also loves about Agent Provocateur is that it allows its designers to not be afraid to use bright colors. It may seem like a good idea to use bright colors in seductive lingerie, but modern lingerie brands rarely use them, and focus mainly on the black color.

In other news, Penelope Cruz recently attended Jennifer Lawrence’s 26th birthday party, according to Xpose. The actress and her husband, Javier Bardem, celebrated the highest-paid actress’ birthday in Vancouver, Canada.

Lawrence celebrated her birthday bash while filming her upcoming untitled thriller, in which she stars alongside Penelope Cruz’s husband Bardem. The film is directed by Darren Aronofsky, the director of Black Swan, Noah, and Requiem for a Dream, and also stars Michelle Pfeiffer (Scarface, Batman Returns) and Ed Harris (The Truman Show, A Beautiful Mind).

The film focuses on a romantic couple, whose relationship faces great challenges when unwelcome guests arrive at their house and turn their lives upside down.

[Photo by Jonathan Short/Invision/AP]