Russell Brand’s Helpful Hands To The Homeless

Russell Brand may be known for his comedic acting and crude sense of humor, but he is a very serious and helpful man when it comes to the misfortune of others.

According to the Huffington Post, Brand was seen helping out a group of homeless individuals who lived near his home in West Hollywood Thursday morning. The 37-year-old comedic actor escorted the group of misfortunate homeless people to breakfast at the Newsroom Cafe.

Instead of giving the group money to spend as they please, Brand decided to treat them all to a nice, filling meal.

This is not the only time that funnyman Brand was seen helping out the less fortunate. In fact, two weeks ago, Brand helped out another homeless man in Los Angeles. The man had no shirt, so Brand offered him a shirt and a drink of water. Reportedly, Brand even drove the man to an Alcoholics Anonymous class.

There is nothing better than a celebrity that knows how to give.

Brand has also had his share of demons in the past. He is a recovering alcoholic himself, and attends weekly Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous classes.

Brand credits yoga and deep meditation with helping him get past his addictions.

Brand is just one of many celebrities who have had their fare share of addictions. The list of such celebrities include Robert Downey Jr. (cocaine and heroine addiction), Lindsay Lohan (who has been struggling for the last 5 years to stay sober), and Charlie Sheen (no explanation needed), and these are only a handful of celebrities who have struggled with addiciton.

It’s refreshing to see a celebrity who has been down a dark road before, reach out to help others in need.

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