At it again: Zack Hyman gets Kathleen Neill arrested at the Met

Zack Hyman, who made headlines earlier this week with his subway snaps of naked girls on the L train, is in the news again.

This time, he didn’t get away with it. Or rather, his model, Kathleen Neill (also known as KC) was popped at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for stripping off amongst the nudes. Hyman practiced his usually strip-and-snap routine, but for the first time, the model was caught by police.

As Neill moved to leave the museum, she was detained by an employee until police arrived. The guard explained (without a hint of irony in a museum full of “nudie cuties”):

“I had to make sure that girl was turned over to the police.

“There were little kids in here watching the whole thing.”

Hyman wasn’t charged, but his model was, with public lewdness. Hyman and Neill said of the controversy:

Hyman asked, “Why is this wrong? There were thousands of people in the Met today looking at nudes as art, but as soon as there is a real nude, it’s a big problem.”

Neill had the same question, which she posed to the security guard who detained her.

“She told me there were naked statues everywhere,” the guard said. “I said, ‘Those statues are 400 years old. You’re from the 21st century.’ “

[Source: New York Post]