Melissa Gorga Responds To Jacqueline Laurita’s Claim She’s Threatened By Teresa Giudice Reconciliation

Is Melissa Gorga happy that Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita reconciled and became friends again? According to Teresa, no, but according to Melissa, yes. In her latest The Real Housewives of New Jersey blog post, posted on Thursday, Melissa maintained that she always wanted Teresa and Jacqueline to make peace with one another. Yet Melissa did question Jacqueline’s behavior, pointing out that she gets very emotional sometimes for seemingly no good reason. Melissa even accused Jacqueline of trying to push her away, which shows that Jacqueline doesn’t really want everyone to get along as she claims. Melissa’s comments came days after Jacqueline posted her blog, in which she accused Melissa of not really wanting her to reconcile with Teresa and being threatened by and jealous of the renewed friendship.

Melissa started off her blog by praising what a good mom Jacqueline is to her youngest son, Nicholas. She then said that she pushed for everyone to go on the spa getaway because she wanted Teresa and Jacqueline to reconcile and was pleased that they did. As she did in the episode, Melissa acknowledged that while Jacqueline and Teresa were able to let go of their past drama with one another and move on very quickly, her reconciliation with Teresa was harder and a slower process.

Melissa then questioned Jacqueline’s behavior. Melissa admitted that she was annoyed by Jacqueline “paranoia” about others talking about her. Melissa even said that Jacqueline has had “emotional highs and lows” since Teresa’s return. Melissa then outright accused Jacqueline of wanting to push her away and being the one who doesn’t want peace for everyone.

“What annoyed me was Jacqueline’s paranoia when Dolores and I were talking at the pool and then again back at the house. Her emotional highs and lows have been kicked up a notch ever since Teresa came home and we all started hanging out. I definitely don’t understand it. I have always been a good friend to her, but her actions recently show me that she wants to push me away rather than embrace the new peaceful dynamic she claims she wants for everyone.”

Melissa’s blog seems to be in direct response to Jacqueline’s blog. In her blog, Jacqueline accused Melissa of being threatened and jealous of her friendship with Teresa. According to Jacqueline, Melissa’s facial reactions said it all.

“There’s something I’ve been noticing since the show has been airing that I didn’t see before: It’s the look on Melissa’s face every time Teresa or I say that we are communicating and/or doing well together or when we are saying nice things about each other. It’s been consistent. I think she was bothered by it. It may be where her animosity was coming from. She may have felt threatened or jealous of my friendship with Teresa.”

Jacqueline pondered whether it was Melissa’s intention all along to come between her and Teresa.

“One relationship should not interfere with the other. It was never my intention to take Teresa away from Melissa. It’s just a different relationship. I’m hoping that it was never Melissa’s intention to come in between Teresa and me either. I was just focused on getting my friendship back on track with Teresa, not realizing that Melissa was starting to feel a little threatened by my closeness with her.”

As for her questioning Melissa and Dolores Catania about talking about her, Jacqueline explained that she never thought that Melissa and Dolores were bad-mouthing her, she was just being silly and wanted everyone to share what they were talking about.

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, all of the women got together for a quick spa getaway. Dolores Catania, Siggy Flicker and Melissa Gorga planned the trip in hopes of getting Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita to make up after their argument in Jacqueline’s kitchen. It was Melissa who asked and convinced Teresa to go.

At the beginning, it was awkward when Jacqueline and Teresa saw one another for the first time since their argument. Jacqueline ignored Teresa at first but when Siggy told her to say hi to Teresa, Jacqueline did as she was told, extending a hand for a handshake. Later, Teresa confessed to Dolores that the handshake was weird and she would have preferred a hug or a kiss.

Yet over lunch, Jacqueline and Teresa laughed when they talked about a past trip to Italy that they took together. They continued to get along throughout the trip. At one point, they even had a spa treatment together. Laying side-by-side on the massage tables, Teresa told Jacqueline that she can always call her if she ever needs anything or just wants to talk. Teresa said that she would drop anything that she was doing to help Jacqueline. Jacqueline apologized for the things that she said to Teresa in her kitchen, which included saying that Teresa filed a “fraudulent bankruptcy” and had a “criminal case.” Both expressed happiness that they were talking and having fun with one another again.

During a group gathering, Melissa commented on how easy and fast Jacqueline and Teresa were able to be on good terms again, in contrast to her own reconciliation with Teresa, which took years.

In a previous episode, Melissa told Jacqueline that she should not have called, right in the middle of her argument with Teresa in her kitchen, her husband, Joe Gorga, to clarify something that he supposedly said about the two women’s relationship with one another. Melissa felt that Jacqueline put Joe in an awkward situation and could have jeopardized his relationship with his sister, which in turn could have jeopardized her own relationship with Teresa. Jacqueline told Melissa that she went straight to the source, Joe, for clarification and didn’t need to go through her. Jacqueline also reminded Melissa of how much she did in the past to get her and Teresa to be good with one another.

What does Teresa think of the burgeoning feud between Melissa and Jacqueline? In her own blog post, Teresa didn’t mention any perceived animosity between Melissa and Jacqueline. Teresa only said that she had a great time with both Jacqueline and Melissa.

Melissa and Teresa actually watched Sunday night’s episode together. Melissa posted a photo of herself standing next to Teresa and pointing at the TV.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Melissa recently denied that she and Teresa are at odds again.

While it’s clear from their social media accounts that Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice are still on good terms with one another, the same apparently can’t be said for Teresa and Jacqueline Laurita. The preview for the season shows that Teresa and Jacqueline will be at odds once again as the season progresses. At one point, after Jacqueline yells that Melissa has had four nose jobs, Teresa chides Jacqueline for behaving like that. Jacqueline ends up running away from the trip.

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