Julia Roberts’ Emotional Outburst On The Set Of ‘Wonder’ Heightens Ongoing Divorce Rumors

Julia Roberts, the Academy Award-winning actress, will be seen playing the role of an anguished mother of a facially deformed boy who is struggling to gain acceptance amongst other children in her upcoming movie role, according to the Daily Mail.

Titled Wonder, Julia Roberts’ upcoming movie is based on R.J. Palacio’s novel of the same name and also features Owen Wilson, Jacob Tremblay, Sonia Braga, and Mandy Patinkin. Nine-year-old Jacob Tremblay will be playing the harrowed boy, while Owen Wilson takes on the role of the boy’s father. Additionally, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Sonia Braga plays the mother of Isabel Pullman, Julia’s character in the heartwarming drama.

The teaming of Julia Roberts with talented actress Sonia Braga is sure to bring a plethora of emotions to the characters featured in the emotional drama. Apart from being a great actress who can deliver a stellar performance, Julia Roberts is also recognized for her kindness, an inherent quality that the character of Isabel Pullman is shown to possess in the novel and its movie adaptation.

According to the Daily Mail, Stephen Chbosky, the movie’s director, spoke about how the pairing of Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay as the troubled mother-son duo will be a perfect casting for the movie, that will be released in 2017.

“Julia and Jacob are not only great actors, they are great people. One of the special things about the movie Wonder is that we cast the actors as much for their humanity as their talent.”

Indeed, Julia Roberts will be doing justice to her role, as the movie’s central theme urges audiences to always remain kind while experiencing the joys and sorrows of life. Apart from her humanity, Julia is known to connect with her audiences through the emotions that she conveys through her movie roles.

Additionally, the actress is known to make her on-screen character more emotive by channeling her personal emotions through it. Recently, Julia Roberts’ co-star Owen Wilson, along with other film crew, was taken back when the My Best Friend’s Wedding actress burst into tears while filming an emotional scene in Vancouver.

Julia Roberts’ tear-jerking episode on the set raised speculations that her personal problems have made her over-emotional. Currently, the actress is rumored to be going through tremendous distress due to her troubled marriage with cinematographer Danny Moder, with rumors suggesting that Julia’s 14-year-marriage is due to end as the differences between the celebrity couple have become irreconcilable.

Surprisingly, the rumors have resurfaced just after the couple’s recent Hawaiian vacation that was reportedly planned with the hope of rekindling their romance. According to Woman’s Day, it is clear that Julia Roberts’ Hawaiian vacation failed to put an end to the divorce rumors, that also suggest that the settlement amount has been calculated to be a whopping $330 million.

Of course, divorce rumors tend to plague married Hollywood celebrities as much as pregnancy rumors tend to surround female celebrities, so there is also every chance that Julia Roberts’ emotional outburst on the set of Wonder was simply anther example of her suburb acting abilities, with no relevance to her personal life.

In times of distress, Julia Roberts gathers strength by focusing on her professional commitments and remembering her mentors, especially the legendary Garry Marshall, the late director who played a key role in launching the actress’s career by directing her in Pretty Woman.

Apart from grooming Julia Roberts, the iconic director mentored a number of Hollywood celebrities who went on to achieve amazing success. Just Jared reports that Julia Roberts lovingly remembered her mentor who had earlier made the actress appreciate the importance of friends and family in her life.

“To know Garry Marshall was to love him. And I was luckier than most to have loved him for my entire adult life and luckier still to have been loved by him because his love was unconditional, inexhaustible, and magical.”

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