Why Prince Harry Is More Dignified Now Than Ever Before, And How He Beat Usain Bolt At A Running Race

Prince Harry, the younger son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, has lived his life in the spotlight due to his royal heritage, and worsened by his sometimes outrageous escapades and controversial display of cultural insensitivity.

At the age of 17, Prince Harry gained notoriety as a spoiled aristocrat when he confessed to smoking pot and drinking alcohol. Additionally, he had also caused embarrassment to the Royal Family by dressing up in a Nazi uniform during a costume party.

Despite the controversies, Prince Harry didn’t pay much attention to the public uproar as his military service in Afghanistan and his charity work had gone some way towards redeeming his reputation with the media. However, it seems that Harry’s wake-up call came after a shocking incident that put the Royal Family to shame.

In 2012, Prince Harry visited Las Vegas to unwind with his friends. Whilst in Las Vegas, Prince Harry checked in the lavish $7,000 per night suite on the 63rd floor of the five-star Wynn Encore Hotel, whose management had taken every measure to pamper the royalty. According to E! Online, the royal patron was exclusively provided with private facilities like a butler, a private lift, a massage table, and a billiards table.

The royal escapade appeared to be on the right track after Prince Harry spent a lazy afternoon sipping margaritas after enjoying a swim in a pool. However, matters started getting out of control when Prince Harry and his royal entourage made their way to his suite late at night to play a game of “strip billiards,” which saw Prince Harry giving naked hugs and playing air guitar.

Unfortunately for Prince Harry, his private moments were photographed by a fellow reveler and leaked on the internet. The public furor and the royal embarrassment was sufficient to galvanize Prince Harry into action and since then, he has felt obliged to conduct his royal duties in a more dignified manner.

As a part of his royal duties, Prince Harry actively contributes towards humanitarian causes in Commonwealth nations. Additionally, Prince Harry makes attempts to forge strong bonds with eminent personalities and notable achievers. His friendship with Usain Bolt, the Jamaican world record holding sprinter, serves as a good example of his amiable nature.

In 2012, Prince Harry threw down a friendly challenge to Usain Bolt, the Olympic record holder who is regarded as the fastest man on earth. Surprisingly, Prince Harry managed to beat Usain Bolt by distracting the Olympian to gain a definite advantage.

Recently, the aristocrat contacted Bolt on his recently 30th birthday with a friendly message on Twitter to express his wish to have another 100-meter race with the Olympian. Usually, staff members serving the royal family are assigned the task of posting responses on social media. However, Prince Harry himself communicated with his Jamaican friend to convey his birthday wishes. According to People magazine, Bolt had earlier spoken about being impressed by Prince Harry’s friendly nature.

“Harry was cool, very down to earth. When you meet dignitaries you think it will be difficult, but he just wanted to laugh – it was an honor and a pleasure to meet him.”

Prince Harry might have assumed his royal duties, but it seems that his life is still – and perhaps always will be – under constant media scrutiny, especially when it comes to his private life. Recently, Prince Harry’s romantic relationship with Chelsea Davy, a Zimbabwean national, came to an end when the Zimbabwean faced discomfort due to the constant pursuit by the paparazzi.

In another recent incident, Jenna Coleman, the actress who plays Queen Victoria in an upcoming television series, was left embarrassed when she was questioned about her rumored romance with Prince Harry during an interview.

According to The Sun, the hosts of Good Morning Britain, the British breakfast show, clearly upset the actress who has been romantically linked to the royal bachelor after she played a polo match with him.

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