‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 11 Nominations Set, One Houseguest Has A Veto Plan

Big Brother 18 spoilers continue to come out overnight, as the BB18 house now has its Week 11 nominations for eviction. It didn’t take long for the nominations to become obvious, with anyone watching the HOH competition on the live feeds knowing what was coming next. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the latest Head of Household was crowned on the live feeds after the competition wasn’t completed during the Thursday night (September 1) episode.

Victor Arroyo won a really long HOH competition in the BB18 backyard, barely beating out Natalie Negrotti, Paul Abrahamian, and Corey Brooks. Those other three houseguests each had the lead at some point in the competition and had a chance to win it until Victor pulled out the victory. James Huling was never really close to winning, failing to do much in the competition until it was finally winding down after about two hours of action.

Victor winning the HOH made the next set of Big Brother 18 spoilers pretty obvious to fans who have been watching the CBS live feeds this summer. It became very obvious where Victor would place his loyalties when Corey gave him the $5,000 bribe, if for no other reason than to return the favor that Corey extended to him. A report from Joker’s Updates confirms that Victor and partner Paul Abrahamian are going to be working with Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel during Week 11.

The two nominees for eviction are going to be Natalie Negrotti and James Huling, meaning the Veto will have very little effect on which duo survives for another week. If Natalie or James win the Veto, then it will be the other half of this remaining “showmance” that gets targeted for eviction. The only thing that could shift how the final nominations look in Week 11, would be for Paul and Victor to decide that they don’t want to work with Corey and Nicole any longer.

It might turn into a very uneventful week in the BB18 house, as there may not be very many surprises turning up in the next rounds of Big Brother 18 spoilers. The nomination ceremony seems pretty straight forward on Friday (September 2), and then the Veto competition may not have a lot of value on Saturday (September 3). The easiest solution is for Victor Arroyo to simply win the Veto and then keep nominations the same, because then he doesn’t have to decide whether to nominate Corey Brooks or Nicole Franzel as a replacement nominee.

So what happens next? Well, the two remaining power duos will get to decide whether they want to evict James Huling or Natalie Negrotti this week. Big Brother 18 fan site Hamsterwatch.com provides good information on how many challenges that each houseguest wins during a given season. Many fans might be surprised how badly the duo have performed in challenges this season, even though James has obviously thrown a few of them. He may have made a huge mistake by throwing the recent Wall competition, though, as he needed Michelle Meyer to remain in the game.

So how do Victor Arroyo, Paul Abrahamian, Nicole Franzel, and Corey Brooks decide who to keep in the BB18 house? If they want the stronger player to be evicted, then James Huling is going to soon become the sixth member of the BB18 jury. Natalie Negrotti also stated on the live feeds that she would take down James if he wins the Veto, but would he let that take place? There are certainly some questions that will be answered in upcoming installments of the Big Brother 18 spoilers, but very little information that could save James and Natalie as a duo.

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