Sonja Morgan Reveals Just How Horrible A Friend Luann de Lesseps Really Is

Sonja Morgan RHONY

Sonja Morgan wanted Luann to move in with her when The Real Housewives of New York returned this season, as Luann was without a home in the city. While she did have her home in Sag Harbor, de Lesseps had moved out of the apartment she once shared with Jacques as they had broken up. But she was hesitant to buy something new, as she was convinced that she may meet the man of her dreams very soon. And it is quite possible that she already knew him at this point, since she started going out late at night and not coming back to Sonja’s house to sleep. But little did Morgan know that her friend was actually dating someone, whom she had a sexual relationship with. And they supposedly go back over 10 years.

According to a new Bravo report, Sonja Morgan has revealed several times that she’s completely heartbroken over the way Luann behaved, especially when it comes to the way she completely disregarded Morgan’s relationship with Thomas D’Agostino. As she kept saying, she didn’t care about anything that happened before she met Thomas — and based on her behavior during the past couple of episodes, it sounds like she doesn’t care about him cheating on her either.

“It is true Lu is the gift that keeps giving. She saves face and always behaves perfectly. Thats why I said she is the ambassador. But then she gets busted, like with the pirate on the phone, leaving the party with Harry, and now Tom with the girl. It’s like she is hexed. It’s her Achilles heel to be exposed contrary to her clean image she works so hard to portray. Ironically I portray the sassy, kooky one and always come out doing what I say I am doing,” Sonja Morgan explains in her blog for Bravo, pointing out that Luann is often putting on a facade.

Interestingly enough, Morgan doesn’t think that fans are really seeing the true Luann. As she points out in her blog, she’s always trying to maintain this image of herself. However, she does lose her cool when things don’t go her way. While this isn’t exactly a great way to be a true friend, Sonja Morgan also points out that her co-star doesn’t even know how to spell or pronounce some of her co-stars’ names.

“I always said Luann is the Queen of CRAFT (Can’t remember a fracking thing), including how to spell Bethenny or how to pronounce my name SAWNYA,” Sonja Morgan points out in her blog, sharing that even after all of these years, de Lesseps still can’t spell Bethenny Frankel’s name or even pronounce Sonja’s name correctly.

The ladies have been on the show for years, so it almost seems selfish of de Lesseps to not know these things. Maybe she is truly caught up in her own world so much that she just doesn’t see anything but herself. According to ET Online, she turned the tables on Bethenny during the reunion, possibly so she didn’t have to relive her own bad behavior.

“I do remember someone telling me there was a forward thanking Lu, because Heather said Bethenny should buy her a car. I have definitely learned Bethenny is very sensitive about her business, and it is understandable. She has come so far and is working her skinny tail off to stay there. She does take her biz personally as much as she may care about another women’s success or survival. I get it,” Sonja Morgan concludes her blog for Bravo, sharing that more of their business drama will surface on the future episodes of the reunion special.

What do you think about Sonja Morgan’s personal experiences with Luann de Lesseps? Do you think she’s a bad friend?

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