‘In Descent’ Marriage Proposal: Pilot Ryan Thompson Fakes Flight Emergency To Pop Question To Girlfriend [Video]

Chicago, IL — Pilot Ryan Thompson decided to propose to his girlfriend Carlie Kennedy during a sightseeing flight over Chicago in a small plane. So far so good. In the middle of the flight, however, Thompson suddenly told Kennedy that the flight controls weren’t responding and he needed her to read the emergency checklist procedures out loud.

As any passenger would in this circumstance, Kennedy was about to freak out.

But it was a fake emergency; the plane wasn’t really about to crash, and the whole prank was captured on a hidden camera.

The checklist that she read back to him included the following:

Initiate the ring engagement procedure…

Pilot in command. Determine if he is a good mate. Note: he will always love and honor you.

Will you marry me?

At that point, Kennedy realized the emergency was just a gag. She accepted the ring that Thompson pulled out his pocket.

The fake plane emergency happened in February, but the cockpit video (see below) was just posted to YouTube.

The bride-to-be told the Chicago Sun-Times today that “At that moment, I genuinely thought something was wrong with the plane, and that we were going to crash … I was never angry, not even for a second.”

Thompson added that there was never any real danger of crashing: “I started a descent. It was just maybe the equivalent of hitting a light pocket of turbulence. … It just got a little worry out of Carlie. It was pretty funny.”

Watch the video of airplane pilot Ryan Thompson faking an emergency to propose marriage:

“Romantic? Or just ‘plane’ crazy?” the New York Daily News asks.

Do you think these elaborate marriage proposals in general have gotten out of hand?