WWE News: Cesaro Suffers Spinal Injury During Raw, WWE Future in Question

While the WWE Universe continues to discuss the epic ending of this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, there is another big story happening in WWE right under their noses. Last night on Raw, Triple H finally returned to WWE and ensured that Kevin Owens became the new WWE Universal Champion in what will no doubt become a match of the year candidate.

Despite the overall success for Raw, it looks like another WWE Superstar may have been injured during the show. Cesaro and Sheamus are currently deadlocked in a Best of Seven Series that is going to help elevate both men on Raw, but the victor was expected to receive a strong push on WWE television and be granted a “WWE Championship opportunity” in the near future.

After last night’s second match in the series, Cesaro is winless in the series and needs two victories to even the series with The Celtic Warrior, but he may have much bigger long term problems than that. The finish of the match saw the two men fighting on the outside of the ring. Sheamus backdropped The Swiss Superman onto the apron and turnbuckle area, which clearly caused him a lot of pain. A Texas Cloverleaf later and the match was over, but Cesaro may have suffered a real injury during the match.

As you can see from the extended clip from the match above, Cesaro’s landing clearly caused him a lot of immediate pain. He is such a master of selling and performing that it’s difficult to know if he was genuinely hurt or if he sold the move so well that the WWE fans actually believe he’s injured. The biggest indicator of the former is the immediate tap out to the Texas Cloverleaf.

That is a clear sign that Cesaro is actually injured and needed the match to be over with immediately. Of course, the two men finished, but now the WWE Universe is left wondering if this is the end of the Best of Seven Series. More seriously, the WWE fans are wondering not only what the injury is, but the severity of it, and what the future holds for Cesaro in WWE?

Triple H’s return to WWE programming and the crowning of Kevin Owens as the WWE Universal Champion has made this news fly below the radar for at least a few hours, but WWE.com reported Cesaro’s injury and made the following statement about it:

“Cesaro suffered multiple contusions to the lumbar spine during his match against Sheamus Monday on Raw, WWE.com can confirm.

Late in the match, Sheamus backdropped Cesaro into the turnbuckle before locking him in the Cloverleaf. The victory puts Sheamus up 2-0 in their Best of Seven Series.”

[Image via WWE.com]
First and foremost, it’s very unlikely WWE would report Cesaro’s injury on WWE.com if there wasn’t something to the story. If WWE officials were trying to push him as the underdog in the series with Sheamus, they likely would have waited until next week’s Raw to announce the injury. For now, let’s assume this is a real injury that could potentially put Cesaro back on the shelf.

As of this writing, there is no clear way to know the severity of Cesaro’s injury, or for how long it will keep him out of the WWE ring. On paper, a spinal injury sounds pretty serious, especially if WWE reported it shortly after Raw concluded. Luckily, The Swiss Superman took to Twitter to make a comment on the “injury” he suffered on Raw and posted the following on Twitter:

WWE’s report is claiming that Cesaro suffered multiple contusions to his lumbar spine after being backdropped by Sheamus at the end of the match. Obviously, WWE officials are going to take this injury seriously since it is spinal, which is a big indication that it could be severe. According to The King of Swing himself, he won’t be doing anything physical this week. He’s most likely getting every test in the book and was told to take some time off, which could delay the Best of Seven series with Sheamus.

[Image via WWE.com]
Of course, there is the strong possibility that Cesaro’s “injury” is just a work by WWE to continue to push him as the underdog in the feud with Sheamus now that he’s down two wins to none in the Best of Seven series. Ever since Cesaro “let loose” during a post-WWE Draft interview, he’s been getting a lot more attention on Raw.

The belief was that voicing his frustration won over some people backstage in WWE. A bigger push was rumored for The Swiss Superman after WWE’s brand extension. Over the past month, he’s been winning a lot more matches and was the favorite to win the Best of Seven Series with Sheamus, which many people expected to catapult him to the next level.

Cesaro’s injury status is going to be heavily monitored and reported on over the next week. If his injury is legitimate, the news is going to travel fast around WWE, and it’ll be reported on sooner rather than later. If WWE is working the injury angle as they have done in the past, Cesaro is most likely going to make a major push in the series with Sheamus to tie it at two wins a piece.

[Image via WWE.com]

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