‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Spinelli To Officiate ‘JaSam’ Wedding

General Hospital fans have been waiting for what seems like forever for Jason (Billy Miller) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) to reunite. When Steve Burton left the role of Jason Morgan behind, there was plenty of heartbreak to go around. No one believed that his shoes could be filled, but after a few years without the character in Port Charles, the writers decided to bring Jason Morgan back.

It was announced last week that a “JaSam” (Jason and Sam) wedding would begin at the end of this week. General Hospital spoilers indicated that Bradford Anderson would be bringing Spinelli back to Port Charles. No details were initially given but it was assumed that it would be for the wedding and also to help Maxie (Kirsten Storms) through the incredibly difficult time she is having with Nathan (Ryan Paevey). According to a video posted by General Hospital’s Facebook page, Spinelli will be officiating the wedding for Jason and Sam. It will be held at Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) house and only the most important people in their life will be present.

There has been a lot of talk about the wedding and whether or not Helena’s (Constance Towers) curse would affect anything. It appears that the ceremony will happen without any issues. The scenery looks beautiful and General Hospital fans are looking forward to what happens when everyone is there at the Corinthos home. Sam’s sisters will be serving as her bridesmaids and Sonny will be Jason’s best man. The spoiler video didn’t show Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) at the ceremony, but it would be awkward if she wasn’t for any reason. Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) and Molly (Haley Pullos) were mesmerized by their sister on her special day. The short clip proved that the “JaSam” wedding could be one of the biggest events on the show this year.

“JaSam” fans have been waiting a long time for their couple to reunite. General Hospital has been getting a lot of comments about how much fans want to see these two together as a family unit again. There was a lot of arguing back and forth when Jason was still Jake Doe and living with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) under false pretenses. The Sam and Liz fans were awful toward each other and it was a huge war for several weeks. Now that everything has been worked out and Jason and Sam will be walking down the aisle beginning this Friday, the ratings will likely increase.

With a baby on the way for the couple, a wedding only seemed appropriate. Jason and Sam have an extensive love story and another happy ending is well overdue according to the “JaSam”fans. Spinelli coming home to Port Charles has General Hospital fans excited. He was a huge part of their story and helped to solve the mystery of Jake Doe’s identity. The event is going to be filled with people who have been important to the couple along the way, most of them being their families with a few friends mixed in.

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As Friday approaches, there is plenty to look forward to for “JaSam” fans. The wedding and the arrival of Spinelli will happen at the end of the week and likely carry over to Monday at the very least. General Hospital is gearing up for November sweeps and this is one of the lead-ins for what is to come. With everything happening and the couple finally getting to a good place, there is bound to be some trouble for them in the future. Anything can happen on General Hospital, especially after a power couple finally gets what they’ve been chasing after for years.

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